SAP Parameter stat/clock - Clock for SAP statistic


Short text
clock for sap statistic

Parameter description
stat/clock defines which clock is used for SAP statistics. There are twoclocks in the system: A clock based on gettimeofday and a p
latform-specific clock based on a hardware register. The second clockhas better resolution and is less expensive to call, but does not workproperly in all environments.

Work area

Parameter unit
Special character string
The default value depends on the platform used:

  • HP, DEC: gettimeofday

  • otherwise: sap_clock
  • Who is allowed
    Customer after consultation with SAP

    Limitation for os
    On HP or DEC computers with a CPU, a less expensive SAP clock can beused. The parameter should not be changed.

    Limitation for db

    Other parameter

    • gettimeofday on clock based on gettimeofday

    • sap_clock on clock based on HW register