SAP Parameter ssl/server_cache_size - Max. number of session in the SSL server cache


Short text
Max. number of session in the SSL server cacheWith this parameter, you can specify the maximum size of the cache forSSL server sessions. If an SSL server session can be negotiatedsuccessfully sith the client, it is storedin the cache with the result that further accesses with the sameclient can take place with a shorter and more effecientauthentication (provided the client controls theSSL session caching on the client side).The duration for which a session can be reused in the cache isrestricted. At regular intervals (1/4 of the sessionlifetime) sessions are deleted from the cache that haveexceded their life. When the cache's upper limit is reachedthe system first tries to delete all sessionsthat have exceded their life.A displacement according to LRU strategy (last recently uses) is appliedso tha a new session can be accommodated in the cache.The life of a server session can be changed with profile parameter"ssl/server_cache_lifetime".

Work area

Parameter unit
Number of sessions in the cache

Default value

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

Other parameter
Integer value 0 <(><<)>= n <(><<)>= 50000
A session in the cache occupies approx. 4-8 KB in the main memory