SAP Parameter ssl/client_cache_size - Max. number of session in the SSL client cache


Short text
Max. number of session in the SSL client cacheWith this parameter, you can specify the maximum size of the cache forSSL Client sessions. If an SSL Client session can be negotiatedsuccessfully with a server, then it is stored in the cache so thatit can access the same server again with a reduced authenticationclient can take place with a shorter and more effecientperformance.The duration for which a session can be reused in the cache islimited. If a session in the cache exceeds its duration, it isdeleted from the cache the next time any SSL Client session isstarted. If an error occurs trying to reuse a session from thecache, this session is also deleted from the cache. When thecache upper limit is reached, the system first tries todelete all sessions that have already exceeded their lifespan.that have exceded their life.A displacement according to LRU strategy (last recently uses) is appliedso that a new session can be accommodated in the cache.You can change the lifespan of a client session using profileparameter "ssl/client_cache_lifetime".

Work area

Parameter unit
Number of sessions in the cache

Default value

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

Other parameter
Integer value 0 <(><<)>= n <(><<)>= 50000
A session in the cache occupies approx. 4-8 KB in the main memory