SAP Parameter wdisp/HTTPS/max_client_ip_entries - HTTPS: max. number of different client addresses for load balancing

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Short text
HTTPS: max. number of different client addresses
You are using HTTPSThis parameter specifies the maximum number of entries in themapping table for client IP addresses and application servers.The memory for the mapping table is created in the shared memory ofthe server.
ExampleThe memory required for each of the following settings is:

  • 10000 entries =<(>><)> 1,8 MB

  • 50000 entries =<(>><)> 8,9 MB

  • 100000 entries =<(>><)> 17,8 MB

  • 1048576 entries =<(>><)> 230 MB

  • 16777216 entries =<(>><)> 3000 MB
  • Work area
    SAP Web Dispatcher

    Parameter unit

    Default value

    Who is allowed
    The customer

    Limitation for os

    Limitation for db
    NoneYou can restrict the value range of IP addresses using theparameter wdisp/sticky_mask :