SAP Parameter snc/gssapi_lib - Filename for external GSS-API shared library


Short text
File name for external GSS-API shared libraryYou use this parameter to configure the name of the GSS-API v2shared library, which must be delivered by the manufacturer of anindependent network security software.If the SNC module is activated with the profile parameter"snc/enable =1", it tries to dynamically load the specified fiel withthe help of the runtime linker of the operating system.The naming convention for shared libraries or "shared objects"regarding the end of the file name differs from one operating systemto the next (".o", ".so", ".sl", ".dll", ...), as well as loadbehaviour, if the shared object used contains dynamic references toother shared objects/libraries.If the shared object has additional dynamic references, on UNIXplatforms you should first correctly set the search path of thedynamic loader using an environment variant, before the shared objectcan be successfully loaded.LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Solaris, Sinix, OSF/1), SHLIB_PATH (HP-UX),LIB_PATH (AIX)If the library cannot be loaded, for example, because it cannotbe found or you do not have sufficient authorization to access it,the work process terminates.

Work area

Default value
SNI (Sinix)
Sun (Solaris2)
DEC (OSF/1, DEC Unix)
Microsoft (NT/'95)

Who is allowed
The customer

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

Other parameter
NoneFile names up to 255 characters long