SAP Parameter SAPSYSTEMNAME - Identifier for SAP system


Short text
Identifier for SAP systemIdentifier for SAP system, this is a three character string

Work area

Default value
no default

Who is allowed

Limitation for os

Limitation for db
NoneA lot of profile parameters are derived from this valuee.g. rsdb/dbid =$(SAPSYSTEMNAME)


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1181814.0B R/3 R3SETUP Inst. Dialog Instance for DB2/CS
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1612995MSS: Add. Info. - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP3
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137478Inst. Dialog/Gateway Instance - 6.10, 4.6x, 4,5B, 3.1I SR1
170297SAP DB release upgrade to 6.2
1490838System Copy for Systems based on SAP NW 7.0 incl. EHP 3
382741SAP DB release upgrade to 7.2.5 B00
2099478Backup fails with error message: crypto provider 'commoncrypto' not available
1863944MSS: Add. Info. - Software Update Manager 1.0 SP9
657999Installing a Standalone Gateway in an MSCS Environment
1339717Hom./Het.System Copy SAP NW 7.0 incl. EHP 2
928728DB6: SAP System Inst. with EXT Kernel on Windows
490095DB6: Additional information on upgrading to SAP Web AS 6.20
1879293MSS: Additional Information – Software Update Manager 1.0 SP10
1432609OBSOLETE: Inst.Systems Based on NW 7.3 - UNIX
142990INST: 4.5B R/3 Installation on UNIX
393865DB2/390: 6.10 Installation on OS/390, UNIX and Windows