SAP Parameter rsts/files/root/T - Rule for building TemSe file names


Short text
Rule to build file names

Parameter description
This parameter specifies the absolute path name for TemSe objects in thefile system for the parameter value T of parameterrspo/store_location. The value T meansthat the data is to be stored in the tmp directory $(DIR_TEMP).

Work area

Default value

Who is allowed
Should not be changed

Other parameter
rspo/store_location ,rsts/filename ,
rsts/files/root/L , rsts/files/root/G

$(DIR_GLOBAL) concatenated with rsts/filename. You should not changethis parameter.
The operating system deletes the tmp directory regularly, which means itcannot be used as a storage location for normal R/3 applications. Thiswould result in errors and inconsistencies in the R/3 spool system.