SAP Parameter rstr/accept_remote_trace - SAP trace: pass trace to RFC server


Short text
SAP trace: Pass trace to RFC server

Parameter description
For performance analysis in scenarios that run distributed acrossmultiple systems the SAP trace can be inherited with RFC to the RFCserver.
You control this behavior with this parameter. If the parameter is notspecified in the profile or is set to 0, the trace is not copied frominbound RFC requests. This should prevent the performance from sufferingin the productive system under massive tracing.
If the trace is to be inherited by the RFC server for analyses, theprofile parameter must be specified and be set to one of the values "1","TRUE", or "true".

Work area
System Trace

Parameter unit
Truth value

Default value
0 (trace level is not adopted)

Who is allowed

Limitation for os

Limitation for db

1, TRUE, true or 0, FALSE, or false