SAP Note 211324 - CJB1: Strategy for settlement to superior WBS

Component : Settlement - Work Breakdown Structure

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
The SAP Note addresses the limitation in the 'Automatic Generation of WBS Settlement Rule' function, which does not support internal settlements to superior WBS elements. To resolve this, users are advised to implement a modification where a fifth receiver type for 'superior WBS element' is integrated. Key implementation steps include updates to DDIC objects and system configurations to establish a new default rule in the maintaining strategies for WBS settlement rule generation. The modification affects users on SAP Release 4.0B and later concerned with project settlement management. Following implementation, these modifications need revisiting upon Support Package imports.

Key words :
wbs wbs  1   cobrb-avorg                      koao                     wbs wbs  1   cobrb-dfreg                      pr4                     wbs  wbs 1   cobrb-prozs                      100                     wbs  wbs    1  cobrb-perbz, wbs  wbs    1   cobrb-kokrs      prps-pkokr                     wbs  wbs    1   cobrb-ps_psp_pnr p_pspnr_up                     save, call transaction sm31 -> enter table/view v_tkb2_1 -> select 'maintain' option ', call transaction sm31 --> enter table tkb2a --> select 'view maintenance', transaction sm31 -> enter table tkb2c -> select 'view maintenance', transaction sm31 -> enter table/view v_tkb2_2 -> choose 'maintain', path 'project system --> costs --> automatic & periodic allocations --> settlement', sno  reciever field   default field  default, receiver type 'superior wbs element', short text 'superior wbs element'

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