SAP Note 939484 - Input help for tech characteristic and time characteristics

Component : InfoObjects - MasterData read services

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :
Input help, F4, 0CALMONTH, 0CALMONTH2, 0CALQUART1, 0CALQUARTER, 0CALWEEK, 0CALYEAR, 0CURRENCY, 0FISCPER, 0FISCPER3, 0FISCVARNT, 0FISCYEAR, 0LOGSYS, 0SOURSYSTEM, 0UNIT, 0WEEKDAY1, 0RATE_TYPE, 0DATE, 0LANGU, RSDG_XPRA_IOBJ_TO_NW05Database error 207 occurred during the OLE for Process Control (OPC)ORA-00904 : "T0000"."LANGU":invalid identifier ORA 904

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