SAP Note 883328 - Brazilian Tax details in Product Master and Shopping cart

Component : Supplier Relationship Management - Please use subcomponents

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :
source site type target site type   consumer   flow context, sap menu -> tools -> data exchange -> object management -> customizing objects, srms_pr_bdoc_mlan_tab transaction se11 -> data type = srms_pr_bdoc_mlan_tab press create, srms_pr_bdoc_mlan transaction se11 -> data type = srms_pr_bdoc_mlan, object class       customizing block size         100, line type = srms_pr_bdoc_mlan select, initial flow contexts tab, transfer brazil tax data, /3 crm    crm mbdoc validate, include structure '/1crmg0/mlan01'

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