Note 727478 - Modified Objects (excluding DDIC) for ISS, PIS, COFINS; CSLL

Component : Brazil - Accounts Payable

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :
Brazil; MP135; LC116, ISS; PIS; COFINS; CSLL; DDIC, Data Dictionary
like, like, type, type, name, reference, ******, ******, parameterparameter name, reference type, screen, optional, function group, key, xfeld, xfeld, xtxjcd, group, state, 1btaxjur state, group j1brshort, xstate, kunnr, vbpa, werks, reference typeit, xcustomer, xcustomer, xmaterial, mwskz, t007a mwskz, t007a, xmwskz, xmwskz, matkl, xmaterial group, xmaterial, matnr, xmaterial, komk

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