Note 571699 - SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 16

Component : SAP Business Information Warehouse -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :

support package, currency translation, improvements delivered, support packages

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709852Selective deletion creates SQL-statements with a wrong ALIAS
697009P36:P16:SDL:Automatic request deletion & time comparison
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673616Correction: "Display only" for source sys.
672689P35: P17: SDL: Blank job name field in InfoPackage
672353Consulting: Bapi_isrequest_getstatus - Usage
670865PSA: Mass change (columns) initialization of values
668257P35:P17:SDL:Cancel request without data does not turn green
664830P35:P17:BAPI_IPAK_START releases lock too soon
664581Runtime error when file used for currency upload
664555Correction: Error with further updating even though OK
664488Post-processing InfoPackage groups
664458P35:P17:SDL:BEX variable without return evaluated as error
663960BW 3.0B SP16 + BW 3.1 SP10 depending on Basis/PI_Basis patch
663908No authorization check after you deactivate the hierarchy
663884Error with restricted calculated key figures in cells
663879No scaling factor if there are two structures on the rows
663682RRI: Formula and text variables are not copied
663607P16:Syntax error in prog. CL_RSCRT_DEMON_LOGDPID========CP
663606UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION termination when you execute a query
663605X299 Brain in the SAPLRRK0; Form LIFT_DEL-01-
662807A031 Brain query cannot be generated
662653MDX: Texts missing with flattening
662353BBS: Termination after you exit the variable screen
662342X299 Brain in SAPLRRK0; Form VQERY_DATA_GET-01-
662124OLAP: Error when filtering on duplicate leaves
662116Currency translation no longer appears in the context menu
662031Termination: ERROR WITH CHOOSEFL IN ... (DBMAN100)
661896Problems with virtual characteristics and key figures
661849Initial value with F4 help for characteristic 0CALWEEK
661719A125 Brain syntax check E_WNNN = DATE( P_001 ).
661678Documents created using API cannot be displayed in Web
661667OLAP cache: Error in cache mode 3 (application server)
661630X299 Brain in the SAPLRRK0; Form SORT_END_TRUE-01-
661503Formulas are not copied
661450A125 Brain field G_S_DATA-S___nnn is unknown
661280MDX: Truncated values in CELL_DATA-VALUE
661251Filter value selection displays too few/too many values
661162Incorrect stocks with exception aggregation first
660949Role menu does not appear on Macintosh Internet Explorer
660702Implausible '..' value of 0FISCPER characteristic
660540X299 Brain in the CL_RSR_BU_PAIR; Form ELIMINATE_CHA-02-
660438Text documents displayed w/o line break and style sheet
660421X299 Brain in SAPLRK0 ; Form CACHE_CREATE_NEW_FF-01-
660407RSRV: Check the 0TCTTIMSTMP values against conversion exits
660397Termination with "Individual document" item & no JavaScript
660338Dynamic geo-chars with values from attribute incorrect
66028230B SP 16: Message RSAOLTP014 when activating an export DS
660200Transfer rule: RSAR492 for activation/transport
660153No authorization check after hierarchy deactivation
660115RSAR 682: Syntax error in template RSTMPL9c, row ...
660074Error during maintenance of hierarchy authorizations
660056MDX: Missing data for default key figure
660007Termination in AWB if all views selected in succession
659951Filter value sel. for 0CURRENCY & other special chars.
659921A125 Brain RSR_BAD_coding --> GEN_TOO_MANY_CBS
659901F4 help in "RSRT > Environment > Gen Queries Directly"
659860WEB: Variable displays no text
659836MDX: Internal format with date/time-type key figures
659828Formula is not written on transport request
659474BRAIN 299: system error in CL_RSR_REQUEST and form UPDATE_HR
659461RSAR 682: Syntax error in template RSTMPL9A, row 246
659364Language texts on map layers incorrectly displayed
659343RSM887: You do not have any authorization for InfoObject ...
659322The "No display" option is missing in BW3.0B/3.1C (16/10)
659283Termination "Hierarchy was adjusted" ... (Brain 074)
659246'Maintain database storage parameters' does not work
659092A125 BRAIN field "G_S_...-BUnnn" declared already
659027Replicating DataSources -> Inactive transfer rule
658998Only results rows are displayed in a multiple drilldown
658969SQL1585N with a Datamart or BW query
658940MDX: Error message with PARALLELPERIOD
658935Correction: Collecting SAP InfoPackages for chains
658808X299 Brain in SAPLRRK0; Form LRECH_CUDIM_01-02-
658659Elimination of internal business vol. not executed correctly
658658Missing data in a very specific situation
658481BW 2.0B/3.0B(34/16) ALPHA converter for ODS objects - INT
658445P16:PC: Perf: Display of process chain logs is very slow
658420MDX: Entries are not writtedn into the OLAP cache
658417P16:PC:Perf: Requdel process deletes requests repeatedly
658398P34: P16: Deleted requests in admin. again - lock missing
658361Correction: No predecessor list for synchronous execution
658343Error RSAU 461 when you activate the update rules
658308InfoSpokes cannot be activated or deleted
657836X299 Brain in CL_RSR_BU_PAIR; Form CHECK_SUBSET-02-
657829BU: Intensified check on data in the elimination
657824RSBBS: Incorrect activity in authorization check
657757MDX: Incorrect PARENT_LEVEL in members rowset
657690Virtual characteristics and key figures in InfoSets
657567MDX: Improvement to BW statistical data
657565GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED field symbol not assigned
657496Correction: Restartable calculation incorrect
657483PSA maint.: RSAODS 122 'internal error RSAR_DATA_MAINTAIN'
657467Activating master data: Master data is already active
657436X299 Brain in SAPLRRK0; Form KNOTEN_LESEN-01-
657431Only SAP_BWC_* roles displayed
657336Sortieren nach Auswahl in Remotecubes
657294Attribute name is not refreshed
657126X299 Brain in the SAPLRSDM_F4; Form MASTER_QUERY_JOIN-06-
657106Performance master data and text reading
657066Correction: Display component not ready for input
656991X299 Brain in SAPLRRK0, KNOTEN_LESEN-08- form
656856Correction: Performance generation error request
656746Menu context: Incorrect text behind "Drill down nodes to"
656728Portal cache delivers old status after personalizing
656705No valid data when filtering on link node
656605Transport hierarchies: RSAODS000 '*** Error from PSA ***
656599Translation connection: wdttree error with 'Select All'
656596SQL error with master data query & aggregation NOP, NO1, NO2
656451System error in program RSDRC/FORM DERIVE_NSKYF
656413RSCRM - technical keys for formulas and selections
656389Selective deletion on aggregates results in termination
656282Message R7245 when you transfer/transport an InfoObject
656250Several root nodes in simulation 3.0B/3.10 (SP 16/10)
656226BW 3.0B(SP 16)- long text incorrect during SID determination
656141BW 3.0B (P 16) - message with aborted SID determination
655995+ in hierarchy node BW3.0B/3.1C (16/10)
655832Incorrect hierarchy after parallel update BW30B/310(SP16/10)
655608Background printing: Recurring texts for attributes
655594Hierarchy maint.: Endless loop in search BW30B/310(SP16/10)
655545P34:P16:AWB: Performance problems in the InfoObject tree
655533Expanding hierarchy nodes and constant selection
655528Correction: Lock by BAPI not removed
655243Correction: Dump with OK (return) in PC maintenance
655223Compression of Aggregate Without Time Characteristic Fails
655139Cor.: Search help dialog box for process chain does not work
654983Problems with PDA (Pocket PC) BW3.0B/3.1C (16/10)
654980INCONSISTENCY dump when you execute a query
654975The date 31.12.9999 is issued as X (not_exist)
654954DB6: Tool to check InfoCubes for compression error
654891No data found for an InfoObject InfoProvider
654666Condenser locks all InfoCube aggregates
65458830BSP16: File contains duplicate fields
654526RSZC: Queries with variables cause regeneration
654502F4 help: language-dependent texts
654218RSRV: "Consistency between PSA partitions and ..." test
654155"WRONG_AGGREGATE" exception condition triggered in RSRV
65412130BSP16: Create button does not work in process chains
654043X299 Brain in SAPLRRK0 and form SELTYP_PFLEGEN-02-
653906Deleting master data: Number of log entries restricted
653664Preselection in value selection variable BW3.0B/3.1C (16/10)
653548Generation of HTML description terminates because of query
653500Node filter and full authorization in the reporting agent
653469Pre-analysis of aggregate filling
653433Selective deletion from an InfoCube terminates
653422Missing data for Multiprovider and figures A->B, B->B
653394Correction: Compiling generated transfer rules
653342BW 3.0B (SP 16) dial. box when you call BAPI_ODSO_GETDETAIL
653278BW 3.0B SP15: Filter value selection from hierarchies
653268Various corrections in the transfer rules
653143BEx variab. dialog box: search in hier. SEARCH_NODENAME-01-
65304430BSP16: Terminations occur when you write to the target tab
653027Automatic maintenance of the SU22 for AWB 3.0B/3.10 (SP 16/1
653013Alpha intervals: incorrect error message BW30B/310(SP16/10)
652925No scaling factor during cumulation
652853DATA_MODE=STATIC: Blank page with missing authorization
652833Call of function in routine causes error message
652828Change to restricted key figure -> no regeneration
652731OLAP cache: Statistical data
652717RSAR 527: Error during structure alignment
652706RSAR 194: Exception when you execute a formula
652641Window management in the exception dialog BW3.0B/3.1C (16/10
652603Time key figure and Excel download BW3.0B/3.1C (20/14)
652553F4 help for special characteristics in Infosets
652384Adding time-dep. root as a subtree BW30B/310(SP16/10)
652369A125 Brain actual parameter ... for formal parameter E_WNNNN
652332Termination CONVT_OVERFLOW when loading / RSKC_CHAVL_CHECK
652302Special characters with multiline structural components
652149Correction: Going to Basis transactions with time selection
652065F4 help f. 0FISCPER/0FISCYEAR: Error message BUILD_QUERY-20-
651991Item heading is not filled
651951Transferring curr. for BW Unicode systems 30B/310(SP16/10)
651734Precalculating Web templates: "Out of Memory Dumps"
651691DB6: Statistics for temporary BW tables update
651539BW-Unifier: Escape character
651500Collector processes at the end of process chains
651405PSA: Currency fields are not ready for input
651367Correction: Released block in process chains
651366Hierarchy node variable and F4 or variants
651341Problems with the maintenance of query variants in RSRT
651320Syntax error in CL_RSR_HIERARCHY_INFOPROV
651274MDX: Problems with periods in hierarchy name
651258X299 Brain in SAPLRK0; form SX_TO_BDATA_ELSE-02-
651253Correction: Dump DYNP_TOO_MANY_RADIOBUTTONS_ON with event
651240Deletion of workbooks in roles in the Open dialog box
651201Loading attributes: Runtime for checking data packages
651186Several reporting agent process types in one process chain
651115Individual node hierarchy authorization not saved
651114RSAR196: InfoObject does not contain alpha-conforming value
651102Long runtimes in transaction RSSM
651056Target_Data_Provider and exception NO_ACTIVE_HIERARCHY
651053BW 3.0B (SP 16): ODS object (unique data records) R/D images
650989P16: Lock manager: Error message when lock not set
650964BBS: Missing fiscal year variant when you jump to OLTP
650895Correction: Dump during the display of all docs for RSPV
650887Excel terminates during Excel download BW3.0B/3.1C (16/10)
650856System error in CL_RSDM_F4SERVICE, COMPLETE_DEP w. F4 help
650780Deleting temporary realignment run tables (/BIC/F2xxxxx)
65077530BSP16: BAdI is not displayed after transport
650705BW3.0B/3.1C hidden structure members (16/10)
650699Correction: Request for OSOA in source system activates DS
650596No authorization for update to an InfoObject
650582Incorrect values during the update with reading master data
650570P16:Content: Objects found despite deactivated BC
650568P16:P34:Manage:Rollup-Flag incorrect in request tab
650567P16:AWB:Switching from monitoring view to modelling view
650564Transaction RS_ISTD_REMOTE for creating InfoSources
650288Input help does not only display authorized values
650257CONVT_OVERFLOW dump in rsrv check of db parameters Oracle
650033OLAP trace tool: DB debugging is not working
649662P16:Bapi_ipak_getdetail:Loadcube flag always filled
649629DB6: Deadlocks on RSHIEDIRT during parallel loading
648855Errors with delete transports of ODS objects
648622Incorrect icon for personalized hierarchy node variables
648609X299 Brain in SAPLRRK0; Form MEGA_SORT_14-01-
648556MDX: Various problems up to and including BW 3.0B SP15
648432DB6: New function modules for hash partitioning
647752SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 20
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647747SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 18
643745POSTING_ILLEGIAL STATEMENT when you write to InfoCubes
641676Note 632442 incomplete: Error R3 016
635733CONVT_CODEPAGE;Javascript errors in reporting agent or RSRT1
634323Activating NAV attribute: Error when changing compounding
632442Unnecessary data element activation/ABAP time stamp reset
629987ODS object, ORACLE: Parallel processing during fetch
623944Non-cumulative query returns data for the incorrect time
603852Additional information about upgrading to SAP SCM 4.0
601039SAPBWNews BW 3.1 Content Support Package 13
594493Characteristics of ODS objects/InfoSets not visible in query
590197Missing indexes for InfoCube or aggregate with 16 dimensions
571744SAPBWNews BW 3.1 Content Support Package 10
571742SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 17
571698SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 15
571695SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 14
569190SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 06 (V2)
566454Activate characteristics - tables locked by DDIC conversion
559524Alpha: Parallel processing of the ODS converter
547705SAPKU31001: Support Package 01 for CRM 3.1
537462Problems after PREPARE with upgrade to BW 3.0B
532586BW 3.0B: Support Package information
527262Dump with F4 help for characteristics in partner namespaces
527159Master data deletion/reading for partner namespaces
523278SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 13
523249SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 12
523248SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 11
523245SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 10
523243SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 09
523240SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 08
518043Open hub 3.0A SP08
517950SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 07
515163ODS: ORA-01555 when reading and writing simultaneously
493976SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 05
493975SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 04
493973SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 03
493971SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 02
458722SAPBWNews BW 3.0B Support Package 01
447341values for ALPHA conversion routine
422645Additions to the upgrade to AFS V3.0B
422644Additions to installation/delta-upgr of AFS V3.0B