SAP Note 386391 - CRM: Determining the profit center

Component : Online Data Transfer - Controlling Integration

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
This SAP note outlines the method to determine profit centers during CRM integration with R/3 systems, crucial for controlling and Profit Center Accounting (PCA). In a linked CRM scenario, profit centers are identified during sales and service processes and are replicated into the R/3 system. The determination follows a sequence beginning with default settings from the material/plant combination, substitutes from PCA customizing, to further options through enhancement PCACRM01 using user exits. This enhancement allows for advanced personalization in profit center derivation and includes substitution rules for complex scenarios like intra or cross-company code processing. Enhancements in General Ledger Accounting are also discussed for systems utilizing the new profit center scenario.

Key words :
profit centers -> sales orders -> sales order substitutions, intra-company-code processing, cross-company code processing, terms mass-object controlling, alternative default profit center, default profit center directly, prerequisites profit center accounting, classic profit center accounting, real dummy profit center, substitution rules make sense

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