SAP Note 386340 - Grouping purchase orders into one delivery using Vl10*

Component : Stock-Transfer-Order -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
SAP Note addresses the inadvertent delivery splits due to varying delivery dates in purchase orders when creating deliveries using Transaction V110*. The standard system behavior transfers requested delivery dates from the purchase order which can result in separate shipments after the shipment scheduling reruns. A workaround is utilizing Note 377501 for corrections without system modifications unless specifically requested. Additionally, after applying Note 552924 or associated Support Packages, ensure to modify the source code in Include LV50R_CREAF09 as detailed. Three delivery consolidation solutions in VL10 are provided to control and possibly unify the delivery dates.

Key words :
selected purchase order items, attached source code modification, purchase order items due, required delivery date transferred, purchase order items, stock transport order, field ledat-high, field ix_list_profil-ledat_high, delivery header level, requested delivery dates

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