SAP Note 312865 - Message VL186 stops processing of deliveries

Component : Delivery Processing -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
When billing documents are created prior to the posting of goods issue in SAP, error message VL186 may occur indicating the delivery is already fully invoiced, even for unrelated delivery changes. This issue is tied to overly stringent checks following the implementation of Note 205274. Corrections include configurable system messages and introductions of worklists for deliveries with quantity or batch discrepancies via the incompleteness log. Implementation requires updating system message tables and potentially transport of new settings after adjustments. For detailed control, settings in IMG or system table V_160MVL_SYS must be adjusted.

Key words :
call type  work phase    application area  mesno  type, 45b        sapkh45b20   46b        sapkh46b04   46c         sapkh46c01 solution, area  mesno   type    l0       vl            186, path 'logistics execution --> shipping --> deliveries -->, warehouse management executed billing document, additional key words lt03, enhance dictionary structure v50uc_user, assign field v50uc-zinvoice, warehouse management transfer orders, permitted controllable error messages

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