SAP Note 310886 - Line items: Dynamic selections ignored

Component : Reporting/Analysis/Display -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
When users extend the selection view in the logical databases DDF, KDF, or SDF via Transaction SE36 to include more selection fields in dynamic selections of line item displays, the system may disregard these selections. This happens because not all nodes of the logical databases are processed with line item reports. Tables such as KNA1, KNB1 in DDF, or LFA1, LFB1 in KDF, and SKA1, SKB1 in SDF support additional fields. Users need to manage these fields through proper selections in Transaction SE36 and adjust related program source codes as specified for consistency with database expectations.

Key words :
felder die im view nicht auftreten ausschliessen fields-sec_tab  = 'kna1', additional key words fbl1n, fields-sec_tab  = 'knb1', include additional fields, view fields category, newly included fields, line item display, line item reports, ddf permitted tables, tables kna1

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