SAP Note 308989 - Consulting note for cross-company transactions

Component : Intercompany Billing -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
This SAP Note provides guidance on setting up and executing cross-company code sales with delivery-related intercompany billing. It details the process flow, necessary Customizing settings, and master data requirements summarized in two sections. The first section offers a comprehensive overview of cross-company transactions, including billing and process specifics for sales orders, internal document generation, and cancellation procedures. The second section delicates itself to specifics of the cross-company sales process using a sample scenario, emphasizing the role of proper system configuration for successfully filling intercompany billing fields. Recommendations include consulting for configuration review or correction of potential program errors.

Key words :
sales organization data              delivering organizational data            company code       0001                      company code        gb02            sales organization   0001                      sales organization    ly01            distribution channel     01         distribution channel l1            division       01                      division        l1            plant        ly02                      plant          ly02            customer    11                      internal customer 22             ii, vbrk-vkorg   ly01                     vbrk-vtweg     l1                     vbrk-bukrs   gb02                     vbrk-kunag     22                     vbrk-spart     l1                     vbrp-werks   ly02, vbrk-vkorg   0001                     vbrk-vtweg     01                     vbrk-bukrs   0001                     vbrk-kunag     11                     vbrk-spart     01                     vbrp-werks   ly02, transaction ovv9                     plant      sales organization iv      distribution channel iv  division iv                     ly02      ly01                      l1              l1                     note, transaction ovx3                     company code    sales organization                     0001              0001                     gb01              ly01                     gb02              ly02 sales organization/distribution channel - assign plant, transaction xd01                     customer               11                     company code         0001                     sales organization       0001                     distribution channel    01                     division                  01 create customer master record, vbak-vkorg   0001                     vbak-vtweg     01                     vbak-spart     01                     vbak-kunnr     11                     vbap-werks   ly02, customer               22                     sales organization       ly01                     distribution channel    l1                     division                  l1, ly02                     sales organization      0001                ly01                     distribution channel    01                  l1 condition master record pi01, transaction ox18                     company code   plant                     0001              0001                     gb02              ly02 sales organization - allocate company code

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