SAP Note 307654 - How are fields KOMK-LAND1 and KOMK-ALAND filled?

Component : Bestellungen - Price Determination

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
Issues have arisen with price determination access in SAP, particularly regarding the fields KOMK-LAND1 and KOMK-ALAND. The fields, essential for correct condition application in purchasing documents, are filled by the ME_FILL_KOMK_PO function in the LMEKOU24 program. KOMK-LAND1 indicates the recipient country and mirrors KOMK-HLAND, both derived from EKKO-LAND, correlating with the purchaser's country. KOMK-ALAND identifies the delivery's originating country, dependent on assigned vendor country or, alternatively, the order vendor's country. Modifications to these fields can be managed through the user exit 'EXIT_SAPLMEKO_001', which allows for adjustments pertinent to individual purchase order items. Careful handling is necessary to avoid issues with condition GRWR during Intrastat processes.

Key words :
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