Note 171356 - SAP software on Linux: General information

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1437021Signal 11 with Oracle Instant Client on Fujitsu FlexFrame
1434397Week 53 missing in Web-Dynpro for Java for certain locales
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1069443Linux: Different sort sequence
1067221Composite note for heterogeneous installation
1066142Linux: cannot open shared object file
1065860Linux: SLES 9/10, problems with libuuid
1063365EP: PCD content deployment fails on Linux x86 64 (IBM J9 VM)
1058988640_EX2 Kernels
1056161SUSE Priority Support for SAP applications
1048303Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x: Installation and upgrade
1037703SLES10: SAPINST 642 terminates in step dGetHostInfo
1021236Linux: Using SAP Kernel 7.01 and higher on RHEL4 and SLES9
1009962jdk 1.4.2_13 does not work together with jlaunch
1008828ACC 7.1 PI / Adaptive Computing Controller Collective Note
1008726WebAS: Installation terminates at "Start Java Engine" stage
1001092Daylight Saving Time - Changes in 2007
997990Oracle Linux / Oracle Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel
99660032 Bit platforms not recommended for productive NW2004s apps
989963Linux: VMware timing problem
977515Linux System paged during MaxDB data backup/add volume
975196IBM XL C/C++ Runtime environment V8.0 & Oracle 10.2 on Linux
966678Prerequisite checker message in NetWeaver 2004s installation
964705Linux IPF: "floating-point assist fault" in Linux syslog
960510Linux: Cannot execute binary file
959369User ID displayed in Top40 process list instead of user name
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952625SORT AS TEXT: What does the collation sequence depend on?
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936887End of maintenance for Linux distributions
923796Problems due to the C stack location on x86_64 (hybrid mode)
922352Warning: em/initial_size_MB is bigger than em/max_size_MB
917815System requirement Linux (32-bit) liveCache/MaxDB 7.5 to 7.8
916650System requirements pLinux - liveCache/MaxDB 7.5 to 7.9
916649System requirements Linux X64,liveCache/MaxDB 7.5 to 7.9
916648System requirements Linux (IA64) liveCache/MaxDB 7.5 to 7.8
910707Linux: Japanese locale (ja_JP.SJIS) on Linux
907727Linux: Certified SGI Hardware
902414Linux: kernel oops when running 32 bit apps on SLES 9 x86_64
900929Linux: STORAGE_PARAMETERS_WRONG_SET and "mmap() failed"
897662BIOS settings on AMD64 SMP systems
894618SCM 4.1: Availability/prerequisites of new platforms
893352Upgrade to NW04 based SAP solutions on Linux x86_64
880018suse-sapinit conflicts with procps on SLES9 SP2
876282Linux x86_64: Availability of R/3 4.7 Ext1.10, BW3.10, 6.x
871985Linux: Integer Overflow if em/address_space_MB > 4092
865307Installing ABAP 6.40 application server on Linux x86_64
861215Recommended Settings for the Linux on AMD64/EM64T JVM
860714Linux reports "big time diff XXX for stamp YYY"
854073Core dump in ab_BtreeBlockDelete() on Linux IA64
853972ORA-27125 while creating the DB instance on Kernel 2.6 above
845046dev_w*: *** ERROR => invalid MM administration
839443TP error: Cannot execute TP during startup of LC10
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825494Platforms supported by the RFC SDK
823941SAP start service on Unix platforms
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816097Availability of SAP on Linux for the x86_64 platform
815368SAP products: Released Linux versions
814210JDK detection for IBM JDK fails in the Startup Framework
811918Installing MaxDB 7.5 for SAP products in Basis 46D
800326Certified SAP and EMC solutions for Linux environments
799755J2EE Engine doesn't complete its shutdown
797084SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9: Installation notes
796250SAP DB/MaxDB on Linux kernel SUSE 2.4.21-241/-251
791747Linux: Printing from the SAP System (access method U)
788770Linux: R3SETUP - CALCRAM_IND_IND Phase fails
788272Compatibility of Linux Kernel 2.6/NPTL with MaxDB
784999saposcol reporting incorrect swap amount
784391SAP support terms and 3rd-party Linux kernel drivers
78143446D_EXT: libcurses library not found/incorrect
775588Linux: /tmp directory filled
772025Linux: incorrect statistics for POWER systems using SMT
768727Process automatic restart functions in sapstart
767814SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 8: Installation notes
766222Linux: Released IBM hardware
765424Linux: Released IBM Hardware - POWER based servers
757408Return codes from Runtime.exec() not available in Java
756263SLES8: Installation on new Blade Server models
755836Linux (32 bit): TEXTENV_INVALID
750884End of Maintenance by SuSE for SLES 7
746299DB2-z/OS:Recommended Settings for IBM zLinux 142 Classic JVM
731580J2EE Engine doesn't stop after conn. problem with Msg Server
723909Java VM settings for J2EE 6.40/7.0
722273Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.x, 4.x: Installation and Upgrade
716604Access to Oracle J2SE and recommended J2SE options
709140Recommended JDK and VM Settings for the WebAS630/640/7.0
706071Linux: Memory in tmpfs is not released correctly
682083OSS1 does not support all operating systems
639097PREPARE on 46C SR2 termination because C++ is not installed
638996NFS mounted directories and saposcol
625674Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1: Notes on installation
618173Using SAP Kernel 6.20 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 2.1
618104"sapsysinfo" - Compiling system information on Linux
606107SAP on Linux: released BULL hardware
600915Linux/IA-64: Inst. FCS/CA 4.6C: Known problems
597470Linux: Released Oracle Sun servers
597415Logical volume manager (LVM) on Linux
574900SAPOSCOL reports: *LINUX*: disc statistic not available
564874SAP on Linux: Use on Foster NUMA hardware
553309Linux kernel 2.4.16: Work process ends w/ signal 7 (SIGBUS)
552914SAP BW 3.1 Content Server Installation on UNIX
540787CPU affinity and CPU priority under Linux
539567Application server monitoring with RFCPING
534704Linux: NFS problems on SuSE SLES7
516716Linux: Locale problems after updating glibc
502237INST: 4.6B R/3 Inst. on Linux (glibc 2.2.2)
491094Linux Kernel 2.4.7: host shutdowns become more frequent
447029Linux: Sorting problems in Asian character sets
439830SuSE (SLES): Problems in SPAMS and AL11
426188R/3 processes terminate due to signal 9
411970DB2/390: Application Server on Linux for zSeries
401162Work processes do not start (address already in use)
397521SAP Software Installation: not enough swap space
396202Use of the SAP Application Server on Linux kernel 2.4
386605SAP Memory Management for Linux (32-bit)
359566Linux: Bus error
30837564-bit SAP software
304378Installtn LINUX: Connect terminates - SQL-952
300900Linux: Available DELL hardware
195276Linux: Starting the program using Remote Shell
190218Linux: Print output from R/3 (acc. method L)
189582Linux: Code page entries in table TCP0C
187864Linux: Locale Support on Linux
171383Linux: Released Fujitsu Technology Solutions hardware
171380Linux: Released IBM hardware (Intel and AMD processors)
171371Linux: Released Hewlett Packard hardware
159280RZ10: Check of the start profile
156548Released operating systems for SAP kernel 4.6x ORACLE
153641Swap space requirement for R/3 64-bit kernel
132536Improved semaphore mechanism in tp
84855Windows Server, Linux, Unix: Certified hardware
81737DB2-z/OS: APAR List
1606643VMware Monitoring Interface
743192Analyzing High CPU usage by the J2EE Engine: Linux
962334Linux: SAP on Xen virtual machine
549268SAP JCo 2.x release and support strategy
531069Heterogeneous Unix - Unix Systems
1492000General Support Statement for Virtual Environments
1739625Linux: SAP on Red Hat Xen
1588667SAP on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
405827Journaled file system and raw devices on Linux
309834SAP BC release and support strategy
1631106Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Applications