SAP Note 1558958 - SYB: DBA Cockpit Correction Collection SAP Basis 7.02 / 7.30

Component : Sybase ASE Database Platform -

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Summary :
This SAP Note addresses multiple corrective measures for the DBA Cockpit across SAP Basis Release 7.02 and 7.30. It should be used within transaction SNOTE as a generic update mechanism, encompassing a series of other SAP Notes, which are constantly revised and expanded. The note targets specific runtime errors and issues in functions like the Data Collector Configuration and DB13 job scheduling. Users are required to re-implement this note using SNOTE upon updates to ensure only the deltas are applied, maintaining system integrity and aligning with the Support Package levels, thus ensuring efficient error resolution and system reliability.

Key words :
dba cockpit shows incorrect procedure cache usage sap note 1693606syb, hold oldest active log sap note 1631168dba cockpit, sql error 3607 - 'data cache usage' sap note 1690050syb, statement cache - arithmetic overflow occurred sap note 1665820syb, user defined tempdbs sap note 1695561dba cockpit, data collector 'system load' sap note 1615364syb, runtime error objects_objref_not_assigned sap note 1580784dba cockpit, sql command line sap note 1674436syb, create object 'cl_syb_rdi_meta' sap note 1651873syb, table data collector sap note 1634640syb

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