SAP Note 1135916 - Line items: Help for analysis for long runtime

Component : Reporting/Analysis/Display - Reporting/Display/Credit ManagementFI-GL-GL-D Reporting/Anal

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Summary :
In SAP ERP, when using transactions FBL1N, FBL3N, FBL5N, and FAGLL03 to display line items for accounts, users experience suboptimal runtime. These transactions depend on logical databases KDF/SDF/DDF for data selection, which pre-reads master data and groups line items in packages of 25 accounts to mitigate potential runtime errors. Specifically, the transactions FBL*N access document data repeatedly, which prolongs the SQL statement execution. Conversely, FAGLL03 allows for retrieving items from all account types individually, utilizing direct selections from tables like FAGLFLEXA, which avoids bulk data processing delays but introduces complexity when handling multiple accounts. Key performance enhancements include minimizing accounts and company code combinations, and strategic use of indexes on frequently used fields. Further analysis with transaction ST05 is advised to identify inefficient database accesses and correct them, possibly enhancing system performance.

Key words :
bsis/bsas - index ~1mandt clientbukrs company codebelnr accounting document numbergjahr fiscal yearbuzei line item number, reporting/analysis/display priority recommendations / additional info category consulting validity software componentfrom rel, - index ~3rclnt clientbelnr accounting document numberrbukrs company codegjahr fiscal yearbuzei line item number, rclnt clientbelnr accounting document numberrbukrs company codegjahr fiscal yearbuzei line item number, general ledger accountingrbukrs company coderacct account numberryear fiscal yearpoper posting periodthis index, fbl1n -> tables lfa1/lfb1fbl3n -> tables ska1/skb1fbl5n -> tables kna1/knb1the system, fbl1n -> tables bsik/bsakfbl3n -> tables bsis/bsasfbl5n -> tables bsid/bsadin, rclnt clientrbukrs company coderacct account numberrldnr ledgerbudat posting datesegment segment, mandt  --  rclntbukrs  --  rbukrsbelnr  --  belnrgjahr  --  gjahrthese join fields, mandt  --  rclntbukrs  --  rbukrsbelnr  --  belnrgjahr  --  gjahrbuzei  --  buzeibkpf  -- '

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