SAP Note 113048 - Collective note on delivery monitor

Component : Reporting / Monitoring -

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Summary :
This SAP Note collectively encompasses all related notes pertaining to the delivery monitor system within SAP, focusing on transaction codes like VL06 and VL06O, among others. These notes address various modules such as WS_MONITOR_INB_DEL and WS_MONITOR_OUTB_DEL, targeting inbound and outbound delivery confirmations and processing. It includes a comprehensive discussion of problems along with their causal analysis as provided in individual notes. For specific resolutions, users are directed to consult the respective individual notes regarding issues associated with the monitoring and transaction in the delivery processes.

Key words :
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Related Notes :

1430674VL06: Output message triggered although delivery not posted
1383301VL06: Subsequent Function executed for unselected Delivery
1312200VL06: Delivery Monitor does not use search help MAT1
1279355VL06O: selection on goods movement status is incorrect
1268241VL06: User parameter ignored for start of transaction
1152552Incorrect icon for switching to the item view
1090929VL06: Partially picked inbound deliveries can be posted
1079258VL06: Actual goods movement updated despite error
1049576VL06: Unexpected failure during partial goods receipt
970386VL06: internal table keeps growing after refresh
969631Additional partner missing from list if material selected
942148VL06: Incorrect selection by PO number with wildcard
928219Wrong selection result if handling unit used for selection
921122VL06:Time out error for selection with Handling Units
919115VL06: slow performance for selection with ShipTo party
917415VL06: DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL dump with Handling Units
815266VL06: DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL dump for inbound monitor
801076VL06: No subsequent authorization check
799555Incorrect error message after TO creation in background (4)
777673VL06: Return delivery not confirmed in background process
684140Group type not populated into the delivery monitor
681639Goods issue for deliveries w/o inventory management
677692Delivery spanning TOs and WM/PP deliveries
675393Incorrect error message after TO creation in background (2)
672343Incorrect error message after TO creation in background
655819VL06: Dely monitor performance w/ forwarding agent selection
642057VL06: Selection of documents via option 'Not equal to'
630558VL06: TO creation in background switches to dialog mode
620009No work list in VL06C for deliveries picked without WM
606183VL06: Error VLA500 when switching from header to item view
604439No worklist for deliveries for conf. according to SP43
600491VL06P: Preassignment for WM status not undone
598342Error M7036 during goods receipt posting in delivery monitor
588269Worklists after cross-delivery TO incorrect
573946Billing block is not displayed in the delivery monitor
565833Distribution status VLSTK not filled in delivery monitor
564269Incrrct addrsses for purchase order returns on delvry monitr
563992VL06: Location of contact persons not filled in list
557887Delivery monitor: Field "Picking quantity" not filled
556119VL06IP:Inbound delivery relevant to putaway not selected
553216Delivery monitor: Selection by transport number incorrect
544950Missing information in printed lists delivery monitor
536719Delivery monitor: No totaling using number of packages
530632Goods receipt before putaway via inbound delivery monitor
522902VL06: Background processing
514444VL06IP: Inbound dely monitor selects closed inb. deliveries
499467Inbound delivery monitor: Button text 'For goods issue'
491689Runtime error SAPSQL_STMNT_TOO_LARGE in inbound dely monitor
491294VL06: Address data after fresh of the list not current
488428Locking problems during background processing GI
482431Error with post GI despite deactivated credit check
482407Inbound dely monitor does not find GR-relevant deliveries
482307Runtime error MEMORY_NO_MORE_PAGING with background posting
481012VL06: Selections disappear after return from detail screen
480920Inbound deliveries to be confirmed not in dely monitor (HU)
459371VL06: Delivery is processed although it is not selected
444841LM71: Batch and special stock indicator not displayed
442439Forwarding agent not displayed in inbound delivery monitor
440068Problems during goods issue posting in the background
424522Wrong addresses for replenshmt deliveries in delivery monitr
416150VL06: Posting of goods movement in background terminates
406975Putaway status of the inbound delivery after GR posting
398014VL06: Selection criteria for delivery statuses
394376VL06O: Incorrect description SET/GET parameter
391972VL06P: Problems when creating transfer orders
389489Processing sequence of the selected deliveries
389051TIME_OUT during data selection in the delivery monitor
388462Stand.variant after changing betw.header view and item view
386720Call of LT03 via VL06O: Different to direct call
380981Problems for authorization check in the delivery monitor
379488Successful confirmation despite failed confirmation
376763Terminatn DBIF_RSQL_SQL_ERROR during access to VBUK
375835Performance: delivery monitor for the confirmation
370361Confirmation of return transfers via delvry monitor
368917Shipping unit not displayed in delivery monitor
367865User parameter ignored for start of transaction
367727GR date not displayed in delivery monitor
365932Option 'Adopt putaway quantity' missing for returns
364926Delivery blocked after incorrect processing
357386Delivery monitor cannot be tested with CATT
352187Maintenance of standard variant in delivery monitor
339364VL06P:single instead of hierarchcal-sequential list
334335VL06: Use of SET/GET parameters on selection screen
333705Delivery monitor posts too many goods movements
333212Actual goods issue date overwritten in delivery
333119Set/Get parameter.warehouse number when creating group
332855Display of manual addresses in the delivery monitor
326514VL06: incorrect check of item criteria
322208VL06I: Delivery date predefined in standard variant
321893Missing variants in the delivery monitor VLA006
320226Delivery monitor: No negative quantities in returns
319078Transport of display variants of delivery monitor
316609VL06: Dump BCD_FIELD_OVERFLOW when creating a group
312025Variants of the initial screen of delivery monitor
311945Set/Get parameter LGK and LGE in delivery monitor
311541Warehouse number not stored in group
311471VL06: Missing display variant authorization check
308426Incorrect document display from list with subtotals
307542Too early authorization check in the delivery monitor
306998Perfrmnc delivery monitor selection sold-to party II
301712Incorrect log during background processing
216244Status fields are no longer displayed on list
216084Performance delivery monitor selction sold-to party
215953VL06P: TO creation in background terminates
210858VL06I: TO items inactive in the foreground
210813VL06O: Selection by plant order incorrect
209099Incorrect report results of picking request
207068Incorrect list if shipping unit does not exist
203865InboundDelivery Monitor Performance(Purchasing doc)
198250VL06IP/LT0F: Batch classification is not possible
196316VL06: Short dump DBIF_RSQL_INVALID_RSQL/Performance
195660VL06: Select. of outbound deliv. nt relevant for GI
194396Customer number not displayed in decentralized WMS
191408Perf.outbound delivery monitor:sel.forwarding agent
188664VL06C: Verification of confirmation is misleading
184329Delivery monitor performance(selection of material)
178645VL06C: Deliveries not for confirmation selected
174499Performance of data selection in delivery monitor
173942VL06I:'Purchasing document' not in stand. variant
172356VL06: Selection by billing status not possible
170632VL06: Actual goods issue date not transferred
162752VL06IG: Actual goods receipt date not transferred
162066Performance when you call up delivery monitor
154593VL06C:Confirmation of deliveries not subject to WM
146792VL06I: Selection referring WM status incorrect
143700VL06: Shipping point predefined in standard variant
141610Formation of groups w/ incor.sales
140747VL06: Changed sorting in list confirmation
140690VL06: Selection of forwarding agent is incorrect
134144VL06:No inbound delys selected for goods receipt.
131228VL06: Error in selection via packing data
128150VL06: Designing your own display variants
123617VL06:Actual goods movmnt date in backgrnd prcssng
122282VL06: Selection of deliveries via shipping unit.
118226VL06: Select. of inb. delys w. transp. plan. status
117492VL06: Incorrect msg category when you create group
113033VL06: No cancel for goods movement postings
113000VL06: Goods movement status twice in display