SAP Note 1085921 - Document split

Component : Flexible Structures -

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Key words :
New general ledger, passive split, active split, document splitting method, business transaction variant, document split, item category, processing category, splitting rule, zero balance.

Related Notes :

1923281FAGL_SPLINFO Table Entries
1851774Sum of base lines equals zero in Document splitting
1652002CO account assignmts/customer fields as doc splitting chars
1492963Changing assgmt of item categories to bus. transac. variant
1330814Restrictions for "Online Split for Follow-Up Costs"
1075371Additions to Note 1040017
1074451NewGL analysis: Trace for new general ledger documents
1072850Field overflow or very large amounts due to doc splitting
1071612Down payment clearing with final invoice from SD
1067344Too many entries in FAGL_SPLINFO or FAGL_SPLINFO_VAL
1061741Error GLT2 201 for follow-on documents from FI-CA
1058804RAPOST2000/RAPOST2001: Problems with document handling
1058676PCP0: No additional RF048 entry for document split in FI
1050082Incorrect split w/ partially maintained constant definition
1049706FICORE 704: Tax code '**' not defined
1046814Partner assignment to company code clearing lines II
1041694Online-Split:Documents with incorrect debit/credit indicator
1029426ERP: No distribution information with reversed documents 2
1024005Doc splitting: Dump during neg posting w/ ext doc number
1011599Split: Version management for generated include programs
1005749NewGL: Error GLT2 002 for invoice references
1000955ERP: Error GLT0 003 for report FAGL_FC_TRANSLATION
996852Down payment on AUC and document splitting
993752RFUMSANF: Integration of document splitting
981614ERP: Parked documents and document splitting
979435ERP: Error GLT0 002 with foreign currency valuation
973342Doc splitting: Creation of the zero balance clearing items
961937Document splitting: Master data zero balance clearing acct
948737Settlement of an asset: Clearing lines by online split
944352SAPF104: Split account assignments in provision postings
937436NewGL: No generation of document splitting after import
922743New GL with doc splitting - document types in cash journal
909278FS on additional account assignments at cash receipt example
900702Inhrtd & dft acct assgmt lines w/o FAGL_SPLINFO acct assgmnt
891144New GL/Document splitting: Risks w/ subsequent changes
890237New GL with document splitting: Legacy data transfer
889893FI-GL (new)- Line items without posting key
889404Tax payable posting assignd to an accnt w/ advnce tax return
889146Missing account assignments in balance valuation
888389Incorrect currency-related distributions in docmnt splitting
887794Document splitting: Handling of down payment clearing
840077ERP: Message GLT2 201 on lines with zero amounts
1385671Both Invoice Summary and new General Ledger active