SAP Messages

Id Title
/BCV/AUT003 Result of authorization check: &1 &2
/BCV/AUT005 Activity &1 used for authorization check
/BCV/AUT007 Query view list not found
/BCV/AUT008 Overview not found
/BCV/AUT009 Dashboard not found
/BCV/AUT010 Query view not found
/BCV/AUT011 Query not found
/BCV/AUT012 Search connector not found
/BCV/AUT013 Enter a valid activity
/BCV/AUT014 Enter a valid user
/BCV/AUT015 Fill in the input fields of exactly one BCV object
/BCV/AUT016 Specify context key for activity 'Execute'
/BCV/AUT017 Activity 'Execute' is not available for search connector
/BCV/AUT018 User group &1 not found
/BCV/AUT019 Context key &1 dashboard ID &2 is &3
/BCV/AUT020 Query view ID &1 is &2
/BCV/AUT021 Context key &1 overview ID &2 is &3
/BCV/AUT022 An active BAdI implementation exists
/BCV/AUT023 Query view ID &1 is not assigned to context key &2
/BCV/AUT024 Activity: &1
/BCV/AUT025 Query ID &1 is not assigned to context key &2
/BCV/AUT026 Result of authorization check: &1
/BCV/AUT027 Query view list: context key &1
/BCV/AUT028 Overview: Context key &1 overview ID &2
/BCV/AUT029 Dashboard: Context key &1 dashboard ID &2
/BCV/AUT030 Query view ID &1 context key &2
/BCV/AUT031 Query: Query ID &1 context key &2
/BCV/AUT032 Search connector: Search ID &1
/BCV/AUT033 Context key is not considered when activity is 'Display' or 'Maintain'
/BCV/AUT034 User &1 is a BCV administrator
/BCV/AUT035 User &1 is not a BCV administrator
/BCV/AUT036 User &1 is a BCV user
/BCV/AUT037 User &1 is not a BCV user
/BCV/AUT038 Query view ID &1
/BCV/AUT039 Activity 'Display' is not available for snapshot
/BCV/AUT040 Dashboard snapshot: &1
/BCV/AUT041 Query view snapshot: &1
/BCV/AUT042 Snapshot &1 not found
/BCV/AUT043 Activity 'Print' is not available for the selected BCV object
/BCV/AUT044 Activity 'Execute' is not available for query view list
/BCV/AUT045 BCV Object &1 &2 is locked by user &3
/BCV/AUT046 Error when locking BCV Object &1 &2
/BCV/AUT099 * Message 100-199 reserved for ACL UI
/BCV/AUT100 User &1 is already assigned
/BCV/AUT101 Invalid object type &1 passed to ACL component
/BCV/AUT102 Invalid command &1 passed to ACL component
/BCV/AUT103 Authorization holder assigned
/BCV/AUT104 Authorization holders removed
/BCV/AUT105 Authorization holder type &1 is not supported
/BCV/AUT106 Activity &1 for authorization check not supported
/BCV/AUT107 You are not authorized to edit access control lists
/BCV/AUT108 You are not authorized to display access control lists
/BCV/AUT109 Access Control Lists were saved
/BCV/AUT110 Saving not required; Access Control Lists were not changed
/BCV/CFG000 No message severity code defined
/BCV/CFG001 No labels
/BCV/CFG002 Process error: invalid value &1 for parameter &2
/BCV/CFG003 Specify a transport request of type 'Customizing'
/BCV/CFG004 Enter a short description
/BCV/CFG005 Specify a package
/BCV/CFG006 Request &1 does not exist
/BCV/CFG007 Specify a customizing request
/BCV/CFG008 Specify a task with type 'Development/Correction' or 'Repair'
/BCV/CFG009 Package &1 does not exist
/BCV/CFG010 Object successfully created
/BCV/CFG011 Object creation failed
/BCV/CFG012 Data successfully updated
/BCV/CFG013 Data update failed
/BCV/CFG014 Table view &1 not created
/BCV/CFG015 Table view &1 can not be deleted
/BCV/CFG016 Chart view &1 can not be deleted
/BCV/CFG017 Table view of query &1
/BCV/CFG018 Table view generated on &1 by user &2
/BCV/CFG019 Zooming level &1% will be corrected to &2%
/BCV/CFG020 Object data successfully read
/BCV/CFG021 Object could not be read
/BCV/CFG022 Object already locked by &1
/BCV/CFG023 Object could not be unlocked
/BCV/CFG024 No user group definition found
/BCV/CFG025 It is not possible to edit this object
/BCV/CFG026 Numeric values
/BCV/CFG027 Not assigned
/BCV/CFG028 Enter required field '&1'
/BCV/CFG029 Dublicated field entries are not allowed (&1)
/BCV/CFG030 Object data is consistent
/BCV/CFG031 Consistency check failed
/BCV/CFG032 Object data is not consistent
/BCV/CFG033 Query view &1 is marked as private
/BCV/CFG034 Query view &1 does not exist
/BCV/CFG035 Hierarchical view ID &1 is not defined within the hierarchy definition
/BCV/CFG036 At least one query of query view &1 is not assigned to context &2
/BCV/CFG037 Object could not be saved; resolve consistency errors first
/BCV/CFG038 Setting of data provision technology is not consistent
/BCV/CFG039 Fatal inconsistency in setting of data provision technology
/BCV/CFG040 Object deleted
/BCV/CFG041 Object could not be deleted
/BCV/CFG042 'Save As' failed; resolve consistency errors first
/BCV/CFG043 Query &1 does not exist
/BCV/CFG044 Mandatory field 'Technology' is not specified
/BCV/CFG045 You are not authorized to edit this configuration object
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