Oracle Messages

Id Message
UDI-00001 user requested cancel of current operation
UDI-00002 invalid username or password
UDI-00003 all allowable logon attempts failed
UDI-00004 operation generated ORACLE error number
UDI-00005 unexpected End-Of-File encountered while reading input.
UDI-00006 failed to allocate memory of size number
UDI-00007 attempt to free unallocated memory
UDI-00010 multiple job modes requested, string and string.
UDI-00011 parameter string is incompatible with parameter string
UDI-00012 table mode imports only allow objects from one schema
UDI-00013 internal impdp error.
UDI-00014 invalid value for parameter, string
UDI-00015 invalid context or job state for parameter, string.
UDI-00016 string parameter requires a value.
UDI-00017 Data Pump job is already executing.
UDI-00018 Data Pump client is incompatible with database version string
UDI-00019 string parameter list is too long.
UDI-00020 Data Pump client is incompatible with Data Pump API.
UDI-00050 unable to setup parameter processing.
UDI-00051 unable to set NLS_NUMERIC_CHARACTERS to required defaults.
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