SAP Tables

Field Key Data Element Type Offset Leng Decimals Check Table Text
MANDT X MANDT CLNT 0 3 0 T000 Client
EBELN X EBELN CHAR 3 10 0 EKKO Purchasing Document Number
EBELP X EBELP NUMC 13 5 0 EKPO Item Number of Purchasing Document
STUNR X STUNR NUMC 18 3 0 Step number
ZAEHK X DZAEHK NUMC 21 2 0 Condition counter
VGABE X VGABE CHAR 23 1 0 Transaction/event type, purchase order history
GJAHR X GJAHR NUMC 24 4 0 Fiscal Year
BELNR X BELNR_D CHAR 28 10 0 Accounting Document Number
BUZEI X MBLPO NUMC 38 4 0 Item in Material Document
BEWTP BEWTP CHAR 42 1 0 Purchase Order History Category
BUDAT BUDAT DATS 43 8 0 Posting Date in the Document
MENGE MENGE_D QUAN 51 13 3 Quantity
DMBTR DMBTR CURR 58 13 2 Amount in Local Currency
WRBTR WRBTR CURR 65 13 2 Amount in Document Currency
WAERS WAERS CUKY 72 5 0 TCURC Currency Key
AREWR AREWR CURR 77 13 2 GR/IR account clearing value in local currency
SHKZG SHKZG CHAR 84 1 0 Debit/Credit Indicator
XBLNR XBLNR1 CHAR 85 16 0 Reference Document Number
FRBNR FRBNR1 CHAR 101 16 0 Number of Bill of Lading at Time of Goods Receipt
LIFNR LIFNR CHAR 117 10 0 LFA1 Account Number of Vendor or Creditor
CPUDT CPUDT DATS 127 8 0 Day On Which Accounting Document Was Entered
CPUTM CPUTM TIMS 135 6 0 Time of Entry
REEWR REEWR CURR 141 13 2 Invoice Value Entered (in Local Currency)
REFWR REFWR CURR 148 13 2 Invoice Value in Foreign Currency
BWTAR BWTAR_D CHAR 155 10 0 T149D Valuation Type
KSCHL KSCHL CHAR 165 4 0 T685 Condition Type
BPMNG BPMNG QUAN 169 13 3 Quantity in Purchase Order Price Unit
AREWW AREWW CURR 176 13 2 Clearing value on GR/IR clearing account (transac. currency)
HSWAE HSWAE CUKY 183 5 0 TCURC Local currency key
VNETW VNETWR CURR 188 13 2 Net value of condition (predefined externally)
ERNAM ERNAM CHAR 195 12 0 Name of Person who Created the Object
SHKKO SHKZG CHAR 207 1 0 Debit/Credit Indicator
AREWB AREWB CURR 208 13 2 Clearing Value on GR/IR Account in PO Currency
REWRB REWRB CURR 215 13 2 Invoice Amount in PO Currency
SAPRL SAPRL CHAR 222 4 0 SAP Release
MENGE_POP MENGE_D QUAN 226 13 3 Quantity
DMBTR_POP DMBTR CURR 233 13 2 Amount in Local Currency
WRBTR_POP WRBTR CURR 240 13 2 Amount in Document Currency
BPMNG_POP BPMNG QUAN 247 13 3 Quantity in Purchase Order Price Unit
AREWR_POP AREWR CURR 254 13 2 GR/IR account clearing value in local currency
KUDIF KUDIF CURR 261 13 2 Exchange Rate Difference Amount
XMACC XMACC CHAR 268 1 0 Multiple Account Assignment
WKURS WKURS DEC 269 9 5 Exchange Rate

393189MIRO: Incorrect update of BPMNG -> DYNPRO_FIELD_CONVERSION
592091CKMSTART: Purchase order history performance, ORA 1555
505653Correction rpt| DB inconsistency in EKBZ due to provisions
980402KDM for POs with account assignment, MA price material
596558Material ledger production startup
1136906MR11: Commitment data not updated
1072585Wrong debit/credit indicator in EKBZ. Inconsistency GR/IR
728279Purchase order history analysis for delivery costs
1223986MIRO: Incorrect posting to GR/IR in transaction currency
1234243Issues in MIGO after AFS upgrade from release 3.0B
982345FAQ: stock overview MMBE
1143487Upgrade to V500 and higher releases: shortening of ZAEHK
1029032BAPI_PO_CHANGE: Delete freight conditions after GR/IR
983666Change in data element for ZAEHK in diff tables/structures
827516HWU: New routines to determine the date/currency
384145Advice note on material ledger production startup
481034FAQ: Data transfer (batch input) in purchasing
728362 MR11: Incorrect clearing values for delivery costs
588778MR11: Error CKMLGRIR025 with delivery costs
484722Negative miscellaneous provisions
446831Delivry costs with new price determination for goods receipt
568979Incorrect values in MR11 for B/L and split conditions
423348Rounding error f. delivery costs from shipment cost document
497516 MR11: Double EKBZ entries for delivery costs clearing
488493MRRS is dumping due to fiscal year issue
460207MR8M: Incorrect purchase order price quantity in PO history
368003Consulting note: Information on EWUMMPOA and EWUMMPOH
456858MIRO: Clearing the freight clearing account (DLC)
396892DEL-IS-OIL 4.6C: Deleted IS-OIL fields
205005Performance composite note: Purchase order
175192Workflow EWUMMPOA: ZCHMMPOA finds differences
428996Multiple goods receipts - delivery costs wrong
176472 Euro: Upgrade 3.1I - 4.5B (4.6x), tax table entries
175456EWUMMPOA / EWUMMPOH: Performance problems
301598Performance: Buffer modules EKBE,EKBZ,EKKN II
213602Performance: Buffer modules EKBE, EKBZ, EKKN