SAP Programs

With this program, you can copy sales documents into the SAP systemfrom external systems.

When you start the program, enter the name of the file path where thedata to be copied is stored. The data must be structured according tothe following rules:

  • Data is made up of a sequence of records. Depending on their contents,
  • the records have different structures. Each structure has a name underwhich it is defined in the Data Dictionary. This name must be copiedfirst in the initial field of the structure (field ....-TBNAM). See theData Dictionary for more detailed information on how the structure isorganized.
    • Header data and in some cases contract header data are copied with
    • structure BVBAKKOM, and document partner data with structure BVBPAKOM.Enter item number '000000' for header partners. You can also enterpartners at item level by copying them according to the related itemwith item number.
      • Copy item data and conditions with the structure in table BVBAPKOM. You
      • can also copy order quantities and required delivery dates with thissame structure. These are copied as the first schedule line. Withcredit and debit memo requests as well as with contracts, however, youmust fill in the target quantities.
        • Data from other order quantities and dates in the form of schedule
        • lines may be copied with structure BVBEPKOM.
          • Enter the table name at the beginning of each data record for
          • identification purposes (for example, BVBAPKOM for item data). Incontrast to manual entries, you must remember to copy fields which arepartially in internal format: Date fields in format YYYYMMDD, forexample 19971231.
            • See the data element documentation concerning quantity and value
            • fields. Partner functions in internal format are: AG = Sold-to party,WE = Ship-to party, RE = Invoice recipient, and RG = Payer.
              • Keep order types in internal format. Do not use the language-dependent
              • translation, for example TA for standard order instead of the EnglishOR.
                • Enter the period indicator in internal format for the required delivery
                • date: 1 = Day, 2 = Week, 3 = Month.
                  • Initialize numerical fields and date fields which are not used with
                  • zeros.
                    The following rules apply to the sequence of data records:
                    • Data in each document begins with a header record (BVBAKKOM).

                    • Then come the partners (BVBPAKOM) in the document header.

                    • Then item data with schedule lines (BVBAPKOM and BVBEPKOM).

                    • Example of a typical sequence:
                      BVBAKKOM Header data in the first sales order
                      BVBPAKOM Partner data
                      BVBPAKOM Partner data
                      BVBPAKOM Partner data
                      BVBPAKOM Partner data
                      BVBAPKOM Item 1 with schedule line
                      BVBAPKOM Item 2 with the first schedule line
                      BVBEPKOM Second schedule line in item 2
                      BVBEPKOM Third schedule line in item 2
                      BVBAPKOM Item 3 with the first schedule line
                      BVBEPKOM Second schedule line in item 3
                      BVBAPKOM Item 4 with a schedule line
                      BVBAKKOM Header data in the second order
                      BVBPAKOM ...
                      BVBPAKOM ...
                      This program imports data and uses it to generate sales documents. Youcan generate a file with test data with program RVINVBT0.
                      The system issues a flow trace log listing the data which was copied aswell as data which could not be copied. If the system could not copydata, it includes an error message explaining why. Old document anditem numbers copied in field OLDNR from the data records are includedwith each note in the log. Data which was not copied must be enteredmanually or processed in a subsequent program run (after improvingimput data).
                      You can also issue entry data from sales documents which were notcopied to a file for subsequent processing.

433834Internal work areas defined in RVINVB00, RVINVB10 are small.
330423No change of telecommunication data via BAPI