SAP Programs

This reports assists in the takeover of stock data from a warehousewith handling-unit management into an SAP warehouse. The system readsthe records stored in SAP format (structure RHUWM) from a file andcreates the handling units. It posts these to the stock in therespective storage bin.
Posting takes place online.

Points to note
All the fields in the ASCII file must be maintained as CHARacterfields. Numeric fields must be filled out with zeroes. If you havedecimal position fields, the comman must be replaced by a period symbol(".").
Data fields are expected in the format YYYYMMDD.
This report works with logical data names for the data file to be readin ASCII format.
The physical path and the file name can be viewed using transactionSM30 for table V_FILENAME, and can be changed, if required.Alternatively, you can also use transaction FILE.
If the data record was created using the PC connection, make sure thateach record begins with a filler byte (that is, RHUWM length + 1character). As of release 3.0, this is taken care of by setting anindicator on the initial screen. Up to release 3.0, you need to modifythe program. To to this, define a new structure (Filler + includedRHUWM structure). Then import this structure and set aMOVE-CORRESPONDING in the structure RHUWM.

The report issues a status message after processing.
If errors have occurred, these will be displayed in a log and can beposted subsequently.