SAP Programs

Using program RFBISA10, you can transfer G/L account master datamaintained in a source company code to other target company codes.
You can choose from the following options:

  • Master data

  • The master data is transferred. If the G/L account does not exist inthe target company code, it is created.
    • Block indicator

    • The block indicators are transferred into the G/L accounts of thetarget company code.
      • Delete flags

      • The delete flags are transferred into the G/L accounts of the targetcompany code.

        If source and target company codes are in different SAP systems, thenthe program writes a sequential file. This file can be imported byprogram RFBISA20, which transfers the master data into the targetcompany codes. In this case, the target company codes are specifiedwhen you call up program RFBISA20.
        If source and target company code are in the same SAP system, the datatransfer can also be carried out directly by program RFBISA10.
        In this context, every client is considered to be a separate SAPsystem.

        Program RFBISA10 (or RFBISA20) creates a batch input session. Thisbatch input session has to be processed in order to transfer masterdata.

        The fields

        • "Key date last interest calculation" and

        • "Date of last interest calculation run" are not transferred.

        • The field
          • "Currency" is only transferred if it is different from the local
          • currency.

30048Additional G/L account text is not transferred