Note 962019 - System copy of an SAP MaxDB Content Server database

Version / Date 25 / 2011-08-15
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You use a MaxDB Content Server database, and you want to copy it to another host.

    1. To do this, you use a homogeneous system copy with the backup/recovery procedure.

              Homogeneous system copies (backup/recovery) can be executed only in systems that fulfill the following conditions:

      a) Database version of source and target system

      For possible release combinations, refer to Note 129352.
      b) The processor uses the same byte sorting sequence (Little Endian -> Little Endian, Big Endian -> Big Endian).

      Note 552464 describes the permitted combinations. The current SAP MaxDB documentation provides a complete matrix under
    • German: Grundwissen -> Konzepte des Datenbanksystems -> Verwaltung -> Replikation und High-Availability -> Datenbankkopie -> Kompatible Prozessorarchitekturen für Datenbankkopien
    • English: Basic Concepts -> Administration -> Replication and High Availability -> Database Copy -> Compatible Processor Architecture for Database Copies


              A homogeneous system copy of the content server can also be performed in the following case:

              Source system: LINUX 32-bit; target system: LINUX X86_64

              The procedure in the case of a homogeneous system copy is described in Note 129352.

              If the specified operating system prerequisites are met in the source and target system, you MUST use the homogeneous system copy and not the heterogeneous system copy.

    2. Heterogeneous system copy

              If you cannot use the homogeneous system copy procedure for a Content Server for one of the reasons specified under 1., the system copy of a Content Server database with SAP MaxDB takes place using the database loader tool (command line program loadercli) instead of R3load.

              This procedure is described in the following sections.

              C A U T I O N:

              In your source system, check the settings of the following database parameter: _UNICODE

              If the database parameter _UNICODE is set to the value NO, and you want to start the target system with SAP MaxDB Version 7.6, you can use the procedure described here for the import into a target system only with SAP MaxDB Version 7.6.05 build 11 or higher (PTS: 1157386).

              The required SAP MaxDB version is available on SWDC.

              Note that the target system must be installed at least with Version 7.6.05 build 11.

      a) An upgrade to this version does not help. Stop the target system (shutdown) and delete the database instance (drop database). SAPinst provides the uninstall option. This guides you through the uninstall procedure. Then repeat the software installation with 7.6.05 build 11 or higher.
      b) If you have not yet installed the target system, you can copy the software from the DVD to a temporary directory. You must replace the SAP MaxDB software package with the package that you downloaded from the SWDC before you start the installation from the temporary directory.


              This note describes the page-by-page export because this is the fastest procedure for the heterogeneous system copy.

              If you have several repositories in your source system, you can perform the export and the import in parallel.

              You do not use the loader command EXPORT/IMPORT USER to export or import the data that belongs to a database user; instead, you use the command EXPORT/IMPORT TABLE to import or export table by table. You must execute these commands for each repository.

              For more information, see the SAP MaxDB documentation.

              Alternatively, you can also export the data from a content server record-by-record. To do this, use the PAGES key word instead of the RECORDS in the loader command EXPORT/IMPORT TABLES.

Other terms

Heterogeneous system copy, content server, loader, loadercli, encoding type of source and target database do not match: source = ASCII target = UNICODE;

Reason and Prerequisites
    1. You use the Content Server on an SAP MaxDB.
    2. For exporting and importing you require at least a database loader tool with Version 7.6.05 build 11 or higher (regardless of which database version you use).

              You can use the command sdbregview -l (for example) to determine the loader version on your system. If you require an update, refer to Note 649814.

    3. Important: You must use the same binary-compatible loader for the entire export an import; for example, you cannot start the export with a loader on Windows (little endian) loader and then carry out the import with a loader on AIX (big endian). For the entire process (export and import) you must only use the loader of the source system or only the loader of the target system. Using a combination of both will later cause a termination due to missing binary compatibility.

              We recommend that you use the loader of the target system (because there, the loader version is more current or is at least the same as the version installed on the source system).

    4. In the source system, you use SAP DB core version 7.3.00 build 57 (PTS 1143300) or higher, or SAP MaxDB core version 7.5.00 build 40 (PTS 1143301), 7.6.00 build 31, or higher.
    5. In the target system, you use SAP DB core version 7.3.00 build 57 (PTS 1143300) or higher, or SAP MaxDB core version 7.5.00 build 40 (PTS 1143301), 7.6.05 build 11 (PTS 1157386), or higher.
    6. If the minimum version 7.3.00 build 57 is not yet available on SAP Service Marketplace, you must first upgrade Content Server Version 7.3. to Version 7.5.00 build 40 before you can execute a heterogeneous system copy.
    7. The procedure described in this note supports the following migrations:
  • The source system has the same database core version as the target system.
  • The source system has a lower database core version than the target system.
  • The source system runs on a 32-bit platform, and the target system runs on a 64-bit platform.
  • The source system has an ASCII database catalog (database parameter _UNICODE = NO), and the target system has a UNICODE database catalog (parameter _UNICODE = YES). For each installation as of SAP MaxDB Version 7.6, the Unicode database catalog (_UNICODE=YES) is preconfigured.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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