Note 941633 - Using integrated scenarios with VMS and DBM

Version / Date 2 / 2008-10-27
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category FAQ
Primary Component IS-A-DBM Dealer Business Management
Secondary Components IS-A-VMS Vehicle Management System


You have Dealer Business Management (DBM) installed and want to use importer processes on Vehicle Management System (VMS) and dealer processes on DBM.

To better explain restrictions which may arise the following scenarios are distinguished:

Scenario A: the importer is procuring vehicles from OEM, selling directly to the dealer. The dealer is purchasing the vehicles from the importer and selling to end customers. This multi-level sales process of importer and dealer is between two separate legal entities (different company codes).

Scenario B: the importer is procuring from OEM and is also running dealer businesses, selling vehicles to end customers. Importer and dealer are modeled in the same company code.

This note contains restrictions and limitations to master data and processes which are to be taken into consideration.

Other terms

VMS, DBM, vehicle object

Reason and Prerequisites

As both VMS and DBM depend on the same technical infrastructure. SAP does not provide standard functionality to fully integrate DBM and VMS. In order to run scenario A in one system, the following limitations need to be taken into consideration. The limitations can be overcome with project specific development.


The sales and distribution process described in scenario A is a multi-level sales process, e.g. importer sells to dealer, dealer sells to end customer. With DBM using the VMS infrastructure this impacts:

-organizational data connected to the vehicle master: who is the "sold-to-party" ? For the importer, the dealer is the sold-to-party, for the dealer, the end customer will be the sold-to-party).

- flexibility of sequence of business process steps, i.e. interdependencies of the two sales processes to the purchasing processes need to be mapped in different action controls. Only two action controls can be assigned to the same vehicle model (e.g. one for purchasing processes, one for sales processes).

SAP generally recommends to model the functionality of scenario A in two different systems, one system for the importer and one system for the dealer. A 1-system-2-client approach can also be considered while it needs to be taken into account that developments done are active in both clients and there may be an explicit separation required.

Scenario B can in general be run in one system in the same client, however the following restrictions apply:

-for the vehicle object: the DBM vehicle object technically consists of the VMS vehicle object and the iObject. A vehicle object created in VMS cannot be processed in DBM without filling iObject structures by creating the iObject part of the vehicle. VMS actions designed for usage in DBM (starting with Q***) which are provided in delivery customizing in the BC-Sets cannot be used in VMS and the standard VMS actions cannot be used in DBM.

-the VMS vehicle uses variant configuration (LO-VC), the DBM vehicle uses its' iObject extension to store features and options. Variant configuration cannot be used in DBM documents. In case VMS vehicles need to be processed in DBM and option and feature data is required, the characteristics and values from variant configuration of the VMS vehicle need to be mapped into the corresponding DBM vehicle iObject extension.

-for business partners: in an importer sales process in VMS the dealer is the sold-to-party, in a dealer sales process, the end customer is the sold-to-party. There is no standard mapping of VMS object "end customer" to the partner functions assigned to the DBM vehicle.

Integrated scenarios which require VMS and DBM functionalities on the same system are not fully supported by SAP. In case such a scenario needs to be considered for an implementation, please contact SAP by creating a message under component IS-A-DBM.

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