Note 934848 - Collective note: (FAQ) BI Administration Cockpit

Version / Date 53 / 2011-03-29
Priority Correction with high priority
Category Consulting
Primary Component BW-BCT-TCT Technical Content and BW Administration Cockpit
Secondary Components


You want to install and use the BI Administration Cockpit and you need information on prerequisites and installation steps to be performed.

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Reason and Prerequisites

1.Software component SAP_BW has to be installed with minimum release of NW 7.0x.

2.Software component BI_CONT has to be installed with 7.0.2 or 7.03 or 7.04 release on your SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI system .
If your sysem is on NW 7.30 or higher release, then BI_CONT Software Component is not required for installation of BI Admin Cockpit.

3.Software component BW_AC is required if SAP_BW Software Component is on 7.03 release.

Implement the latest Support Packages for BI ABAP, BI JAVA and BI CONT.

If your system is not on the latest Support Package but still meeting the prerequisites as mentioned in the above points 1,2 & 3, then refer to the section "Important Corrections" below which contains a list of required notes as per Support Package for successful behavior of BI admin Cockpit.

  • If BI Content(BI_CONT) is below 7.03(Release) SP7(Level) or on 7.02, Select only myself system in the TX:RSOR Source System Assignment(SHIFT+F7) before running the automatic installation report.


Follow the steps of this note only if your system is on NW 7.00 or NW 7.01 or NW 7.02 release. To know the procedure to setup BI Administration Cockpit on NW 7.30 system, please refer note 1543092.

Installation: General Comments

- Please be aware that as of SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI transaction ST03 is based on the Technical Content InfoProviders (opposed to the Technical Content tables of prior releases). Therefore, using transaction ST03 for BI Monitoring requires that the technical content should be activated and populated periodically with statistics data.

- If you plan to use the Technical Content only (without using the additional functionality of the BI Administration Cockpit in the SAP NetWeaver Portal) steps 6 to 8 of the proceeding become optional.
Please refer to point 10 in that case.

- For details and for performing (most of) the following  implementation steps please call the implementation guide (IMG) in the SAP NetWeaver BI system (transaction SPRO) using the following path: SAP NetWeaver -> Business Intelligence -> Settings for BI Content ->  Business Intelligence -> BI Administration Cockpit.

Installation: Steps to be performed (see IMG and documentation for further details)

Step 5 need not be performed if note 1074455 is applied or BI_CONT is on 7.03 SP7 or above. If BI Content(BI_CONT) of your BI system is on 7.03 SP8 or above this, Step 4 can be ignored.

1. Activate the new technical content in SAP NetWeaver BI

We recommend using the automatic installation report which is available in the Implementation Guide (transaction SPRO). For prerequisites and additional info, please refer to note 965386 "Activating the technical content for the BI admin cockpit".

2. Assign the BI Administrator Role
Please assign BI administrators (users) in transaction SU01 to the role SAP_BW_BI_ADMINISTRATOR.

3. Check Updating of Statistics
Calling transaction RSDDSTAT, you can check the updating of statistics for InfoProviders, Queries and Data Transfer Process. Please consider that the system default is 'X' (= statistics turned on) and detail level '2' (= all details). If for certain objects no logging of performance statistics is needed please switch them off in this transaction in order to avoid unnecessary load on statistics data storage and analysis.

4.Schedule Process Chains.
Please schedule the technical content process chains (0TCT*) in transaction RSPC. "INIT" process chains need to be scheduled once and "DELTA" process chains should be scheduled periodically.

5.Activate direct access for virtual providers.
Please assign source system for all the virtual providers (0TCT_VC*).

6. Connect BI System and Portal
With these IMG activities, you have to assign the portal in which you wish to call the BI Administration Cockpit to the BI system.

7. Activate Business Package 'BI Administration 1.0'
Download the Business Package BI Administration 1.0 from the Portal Content Portfolio on or from and import it into your SAP NetWeaver 2004s Portal (minimum: Support Package Stack 5). Then assign the roles 'System Administrator' and 'BI Administrator'(or any Administrator role which contain these roles as a subset) to your BI administrator users in the portal.

8. Set Up Call to BI Administration Cockpit
If you want to call the BI Administration Cockpit from BI transactions such as the Data Warehousing Workbench, you have to configure in the IMG the call to the BI Administration Cockpit.

9. Define Importance (optional)
Within this optional IMG activity, you can assign importances to BI objects. You can take into account these importances in technical content queries during analysis (for example for filtering or sorting).

10. Using the Technical Content without the SAP  NetWeaver Portal.
Incase you wish to see the statistics as seen in the portal, the technical web templates could be run in the backend. It will produce the same results.
The statistics for short term trends, long term trends,total runtimes, deviations in runtimes of each of the following can be obtained from th tempaltes mentioned.
A)Query Runtime Statistics:
A.1 - BI Application Statistics -  0TPLI_0TCT_MC01_Q0111-114.
A.2 - BI Application object Statistics - 0TPLI_0TCT_MC01_Q0121-124.
A.3 - Infoprovider Statistics - 0TPLI_0TCT_MC01_Q0131-134.

B)Data Load Statistics
B.1 - Process Chain Statistics  0TPLI_0TCT_MC21_Q0101-104.
B.2 - Process Statistics - 0TPLI_0TCT_MC21_Q0111-114.
B.3 - Infopackage Statistics - 0TPLI_0TCT_MC23_Q101-104.
B.4 - DTP Statistics -  0TPLI_0TCT_MC22_Q101-104.

C)Data Load Status
The process status,process chain status,Master data request status, Infocube request status, Datastore object request status  can be obtained from the following web templates.
C.1 - Process Status - 0TPLI_0TCT_MC12_Q0100,0TPLI_0TCT_MC12_Q0110.
C.2 - BI Object request Status - 0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0120,0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0130,0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0140.
C.3 - Infoprovider request Status - 0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0120, 0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0130,0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0140.

Running the Technical Content and the BI Administration Cockpit

Please be aware of the fact that query runtime statistics will generate high statistics data load on the BI Statistics Tables. Depending on the (customized) detail statistics level 20 -80  records may be written per navigation step to the BI Statistics Tables. Therefore, loading query statistics data to the Technical Content (InfoCube 0TCT_C01 - 0TCT_C03) and deleting original data out of the BI Statistics Tables is urgently required.

1. Automatic deletion during data load
- Per default, with each delta load for query runtime statistics (DataSource 0TCT_DS01 - 0TCT_DS03), data that is older than 14 days is deleted out of the BI Statistics Tables. This time frame can be customized using the TCT_KEEP_OLAP_DM_DATA_N_DAYS parameter in the RSADMIN table. The deletion mechanism has been changed since BW 7.0 SP16, and the default value has been changed from 14 days to 30 days. Please refer to Note 1095411 for details.
- Please see SAP Note 891740 "Query runtime statistics: Corrections for extractors" for more information.

2. Manual deletion of statistics data
- In transaction RSDDSTAT. Dates to be deleted can be selected.

Important Corrections

A ) BI Technology:
We recommend to implement atleast the Support Package Stack given in SAP Note 1055581 "Recommendations for Support Package Stacks for BI  7.0" when installing and running the BI Administration Cockpit (section "General recommendation for Support Package (Stack)").

In addition,the following important corrections should be applied in case your system does not contain the latest Support Package.

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP12

1007064: Performance improvement for data source 0TCT_DS23
1007592: STEPTP bei Query-Laufzeit Statistik nicht korrekt
1009408: Master data text and attribute is not loaded for 0TCTBWOBJCT
1006468: Full upload data selection not proper for 21, 22, 23
1002393: Short dump COMPUTE_BCD_OVERFLOW in 0TCT_DS22 extractor
1011811: Deleting statistics data with an 'up to point X' tag
1007592: STEPTP incorrect for query runtime statistics

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP13

1022904: SYSID for 0TCT_MC12 queries is blank
1015917: Query statistics are missing from  0TCT_C0[123],0TCT_VC0[123]
1014146: Duration of Infopackage wrong in 0TCT_MC23.
1024908: Duration is wrong for 0TCT_MC21,22,23 statistics queries.
1025696: Duration is incorrect for DTP Statistics in 0TCT_MC22
1025373: Unassigned statistical data in BEx Analyzer 3.x.
1031744: Korrektur: 0TCT_MON_IS_01 referenziert 0TCTREQNUM.
1031916: Logging for statistics recording terminates.
1032151: Displaying default settings for objects in RSDDSTAT
1032822: UTC Time Stamp is incorrect in cubes 0TCT_C01,2,3
1033636: Unnecessary statistics data is written
1035028: 0TCTBWOBJCT_ATTR extracts wrong infoarea for ODSO
1036113: 0TCTBWOBJCT_ATTR extracts '0' records for few tlogos
1052621: Short dump "OBJECTS_OBJREF_NOT_ASSIGNED" while accessing RRI
1039071: P13:SDL:Content:InfoPackage activation terminates -RSM 142
1029354: P13:DSO activation terminates and changes manage req to red
1035477: Handling new templates TLOGO type as BTMP

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP14
1051080: RSDRI runtime statistics contain caller

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP15
1060282: Maximum value for Importance is incorrect in RSTCIMP
1060346: Query Counter in Runtime Statistics is wrong
1060712: Performance improvement of the queries on 0TCT_MC11
1061281: Delta Load fetches wrong no. of Record in 0TCT_C01,2,3
1061593: Calday selection is not Proper in 0TCT_DS21,22,23
1072693: Statistics data is not written

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP16

1075331: Extraction performance Improvement for 0TCT_C23
1091010: BIAC: DataManager Time null for MDX queries on 0TCT_MC01
1089437: Time stamp field blank for the data source 0tct_Ds21
1088038: Missing objects for the 0TCTPRCSVAR master data
1090762: BIAC: Appearnce of $T in the template 0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0120
1095573: Query Count for the Query runtime Statistics is incorrect.
1095411: BIAC: Reduction in Data volume in QT Statistcs Tables
1093121: Negative times in BI statistics: Event 13052
1093755: Statistics counter of OLAP cache not increased
1095411: BIAC: Reduction in Data volume in QT Statistcs Table

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP17

1115531: Error in statistics recording in the Web
1117380: Implement statistics event for exit variable/variable screen
1123808: Displaying SQL and EXPLAIN in query statistics
1131031: BAC:CL_RSTCT_BIRS_OLAP_AGGR_EX - BIOBJ retained in next step

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP18

1138874: BIAC: User wait times no longer included in Front End times
1139693: BIAC: Code for extractor criteria for 0TCT_DS21, DS22 & DS23
1139791: Statistiken: Wartezeiten in F4 werden zu OLAP Init gezählt
1141331: OLAP-Statistiksätze werden der falschen HandleID zugeordnet
1141850: "Nicht zugeordnet" Zeit aus Query-RUNTIME herausrechnen.
1152320: BIAC:Wrong OLAP time in query Runtime Statistics.

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP19
1228548: BIAC:Process Type X unknown error for 0TCTPRCSCHN_ATTR DS.
1229385: BIAC:Duplicate entries for 0TCTPRCVAR_TEXT in PSA.
1237091: Enhancements to Query Runtime Statistics of BI Admin Cockpit.
1254165: BI Content transfer of InfoCubes/MultiProviders.
1299269: BI Application object name does not appear in the output.
1302812: BI Application object name does not appear in the output.

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP20

1264894: PSA table status unavailable.

Corrections contained in BI ABAP SP21
1328376: Extractor 0TCTBWOBJCT_ATTR not considering BWOBJCT
1317483: BI Application name missing for 3.X Workbook and Templates.
1323805: 0TCT_DS01 run time error -COMPUTE_INT_TIMES_OVERFLOW.

B ) BI Content:
Corrections to BI Statistics Technical Content objects are shipped with BI_CONT Support Packages. Before installing the BI Statistics Technical Content you should always implement the latest BI_CONT Support Package. If the BI Statistics Technical Content is already installed in your system you might reactivate the Content after having implemented the latest BI_CONT Support Package. Alternatively, the following notes can be applied manually in order to fix known issues on BI Statistic Technical Content objects:

1007430: Short dump in transaction ST03N
992805 : Overflow during the arithmetical operation (type P)
980285 : Error when activating the transer rules for cube 0TCT_VC12
979721 : Changes in the transfer rules for 0TCT_C21,0TCT_C22,0TCT_C23
984537 : Short dump 'ITAB_ILLEGAL_SORT_ORDER'
966964 : 0TCT_DS22 doesn't load DTP Statistics
1022666: Timestamps not transferred from 0TCT_VC11 to 0TCT_MC11
1018490: 0TCTWHMMAN and 0TCTWHMTFM are empty in 0TCT_C23
1039381: Error when activating the content Message no. RS062
1035476: Icon not displayed in the report 0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0120
1027152: Mapping not proper for 0TCTDBSEL & 0TCTDBTRANS
1062363: Icon not displayed in the report 0TPLI_0TCT_MC11_Q0120
1065919: Error while installing the Admin Cockpit Process chains
1070099: Changes in the transfer rule 0TCT_DS11
1074229: Application Log not displayed after Installation Report
1081355: Please ignore Queries 0TCT_MC*_Q02* in BI Admin Cockpit
1078465: Error during activation of process chain 0TCT_MD_C_FULL_P01
1065249: Admin Cockpit report does not install Process chain
1074455: Automate 'Activate Direct Access' for Virtual Providers
1110641: BIAC: Dump when running Admin Cockpit installation
1330801: Unit of measurement for 0TCTRECSIZE contains invalid entry.
1329034: Correcting inconsistency of DBSEL and DBTRANS values.
1484802: Missing transfer rule of DataSource 0TCTPRCSVAR_TEXT
1491897: RRIs are not Working properly

Affected Releases
Software Component Release From Release To Release And subsequent

Correction delivered in Support Package
Support Packages Release Package Name

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