Note 919774 - SAP PLM Interface to AutoCAD, CAD desktop - patches

Version / Date 18 / 2011-07-19
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Upgrade information
Primary Component CA-CAD-LIB-ACD AutoCAD-SAP Interface
Secondary Components CA-CAD CAD Integration


This note provides information about the patch management for the SAP PLM Interface to AutoCAD, CAD desktop.

Other terms

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Reason and Prerequisites

You use SAP PLM Interface.


This note lists changes to existing functions, new functions and corrections in the current release or service pack.
This note is updated for every new release or service pack.

Calling the patches using SAP Service Marketplace:

From the menu navigation on the left-hand side, choose the following entries one after the other:
-> SAP Software Download Center
-> Support Packages and Patches
-> Browse our Download Catalog
Follow the links:
-> Supplementary Components for Cross Industry Solutions
-> Life-Cycle Data Management
-> SAP PLM Integrations
-> SAP PLM Interface to AUTOCAD
-> PLM INTEGRATION AUTOCAD X.X" (X.X -> version number)
-> Comprised Software Component Versions
-> Win32

Important: The SubPathBAdI as a proposal for an implementation to handle subdirectories should be transported to the SAP system and should be activated.

Current release: 6102
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD61_02.exe
Current patch level: 02

Material or bill of material
  Fixed: When you change and when you create a header material, you can again use macros such as %TITLEBLOCK() and %PROPERTY().
  Fixed: Text via material assignment always occurs except when displaying.
  Changed: In the configuration to create or change the bill of material, you can also use a macro for the quantity field in SAPVALUE.
  Changed: The material link to the document info record occurs automatically if the material before this was assigned to the file.

Global format generation
  New: All global formats that are created by the CAD system and full parameterization of these.
  Fixed: OpenDialog and the document info record did not work after you used the PDF printer.
  Changed: Global format creation has been revised (AutoCADConvertXXXX.arx is no longer required).
  Changed: Global format creation also takes place for opened files from planned records or sheet sets.

SAP Pane
  New: You can configure the sequence of the buttons.
  New: SAP Pane returns additional information (icon and gray text).
  New: Reading the structure into the SAP Pane on request.
  New: You can adjust the BrowserPane display (key "BrowserPane\GetFullStructure"): Adapted to CAD Desktop, or fully resolved
  Fixed: Icons could no longer be hidden.
  Fixed: Saving the intermediate status for selected documents at all levels.
  Fixed: The system did not display the quick info in certain situations.

  New: You can display classification data in the results list.
  Changed: The number of entries in the list of the last used documents in OpenDialog is increased to 30.
  Changed: Searches in OpenDialog can be declared explicitly as SAP GUI searches if automatic identification fails (key "SapGuiSearch").

  New: Support for Autodesk AutoCAD 2012
  New: InstallShield now identifies and installs the interface for different Autodesk Verticals as well.
(Electrical, Architecture, Plant 3D, P&ID)
  New: Standard functions for the plant maintenance area based on blocks and polylines, with the option to
enhance the Autodesk Verticals on special object types.
  New: When you start AutoCAD with insufficient authorizations to access the registration file, the system
writes a *.reg that you must then execute once with the relevant authorizations.
  New: In "Replace Component", only the variants that are permitted by the CAD system are enabled.
  New: When you create a document part, you can now use a dialog to configure document part values for selection in a combo box.
  Fixed: TbkMapping now works for multi-line attributes.
  Fixed: Copying and replacing referenced image files no longer causes errors.
  Fixed: Simultaneous opening of several documents from the CAD desktop
  Fixed: After SaveCopyAs, the system executed UpdateTbk on the original document.
  Fixed: SAP dialog boxes are pulled to the foreground.
  Fixed: Deregistering modules that had already been deregistered caused error messages.
  Fixed: Problem handling for files that had supposedly already been checked out or had been checked out to an external system.
  Fixed: Adjustments have been made to ensure that renaming files works correctly again.
  Fixed: InsertTbkFromDir is again provided with the required SAP metadata.
  Fixed: If you used Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to insert blocks, these are noted only once in the list of block definitions.
  Changed: The file IdTable[64].dll is required only in AutoCAD Mechanical.
  Changed: Structure explosion for documents within a project or a sheet set has been adjusted.
  Changed: SAP error messages are displayed as errors in the message window.
  Changed: Considering the deletion status of "blocked" documents in the deletion assistant.

Current release: 6101
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD61_01.exe
Current patch level: 01

  New: Loading process of the interface and menu or ribbon installation (configuration in amgloader.lsp)
  New: Use of the scroll wheel in the result list of the open dialog
  New: OpenDialog can also display class data as a result
  New: Consideration of user-defined icon path is read from profile settings in the registry
  Fixed: BrowserPane can be deactivated and configured again
  Fixed: ObjectType is also filled again when creating via CdeskRfc This is an important indicator for various file operations in the SAP system.
  Fixed: For files that have been checked out, the deletion assistant no longer checks the use of this file in other structures
  Fixed: Display of PDFs in OpenDialog
  Fixed: Refresh problems of the SAP Pane
  Fixed: Opening a DWG from the MRU menu does not lead to a call of OpenDialog
  Fixed: Use of OpenDialog to open a file that is already opened in AutoCAD or included as Xref
  Changed: Subdirectory "ConvertTempPath" in the working directory is no longer displayed in OpenDialog
  Changed: The system does not issue as many warnings regarding data discrepancies for an interface that is logged off

Current release: 6100
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD61_00.exe
Current patch level: 00

New: Support for AutoCAD 2009, 2010, and 2011
New: InstallShield contains language files for German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese.
New: Support for the document management with projects in AutoCAD Plant3D
New: Support for the document management with projects in AutoCAD Electrical
New: Support for planned records (sheet sets)
New: Support for data links
New: Support for underlays
New: SAP information is written to the mechanical drawing history during the title block update.
New: SAP Pane is also available in AutoCAD.
New: SAP Pane displays the structure with projects in the same way as in the CAD desktop.
New: The "General\CheckReferencesOnDelete=yes/no" key controls whether the where-used list is used in the CAD desktop deletion assistant.
New: Optional support for the SAP RFC NetWeaver library with DynRfcProxyNw.dll
New: New commands "MatCreateAll"/"MatCreateAllDark" (material creation for all items with or without a dialog)
New: New command "BomUpdateFromSap" - update of item numbers to the bill of material (BOM) of the assembly
New: Quick access to EasyDM directories in open dialog
Fixed: Open dialog now always opens the correct document of a structure when the original is displayed or edited.
Fixed: "Create DIR" now uses the correct document number for naming the file.
Fixed: Correct handling of a file that is not saved, even if a file with the same name already exists on the disk.
Fixed: Saving a DWG in the BlockEdit mode or RefEdit mode is prevented.
Fixed: Correct handling of the quantity in the item number in AutoCAD Vanilla
Fixed: After an automatic saving in AutoCAD, external references do not lose their link to DIR.
Fixed: You can select components as item material in a mechanical 2010 structure.
Fixed: When mechanical structures are used, you can select part references as item material.
Fixed: Unresolved XRefs are no longer included in the list of loaded documents.
Fixed: XRef structures with complex nesting are not resolved correctly. Fixed: The RibbonButtons are not duplicated after AutoCAD crashes.
Fixed: Correct handling when a separator is inserted in a menu with multiple nesting
Fixed: Problems with RibbonCache during the change between Vanilla/Mechanical are solved.
Fixed: During the title block update using InitTbk and UpdateTbk, the correct document is always addressed (not the active document).
Fixed: The template selection during the creation of a document part can be switched off with NewDocPart\SelectTemplate = no.
Changed: Only columns that do not exist yet are added to the AutoCAD bill of material (dirties are prevented).
Changed: If a file should be opened that is already open in the background, this view is activated.
Changed: Product name changed to: SAP PLM Interface to AutoCAD, CAD Desktop

Current release: 5100
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD51_03.exe
Current patch level: 03

AutoCAD 2010

  Fixed: Saving in the AutoCAD 2010 format during the check-In
  Fixed: Version can also be replaced in top document.
  Fixed: Access Violation: Callback ... when using "Reset Checkin", "Replace Component" or "Copy And Replace"
  Fixed: Check during execution of an SAP command if there is no SAP connection
  Fixed: Paths in worklist now have a backslash at the end.
  Fixed: XRefs can be checked in again if they are opened in addition to the top document.
  Fixed: Dirty of XRefs is checked using the XRefObjectId.
  Fixed: CAD worklist is filled with references.
  Changed: Integration starts in English in the standard system; you can change this setting in the value "DefaultLanguage" under "Startup".
  Changed: Improved error management when using the DynRfcProxyU module

AutoCAD 2007 to 2009

  Fixed: Minor bug fix in the installation script (version)
  Changed: Integration starts in English in the standard system; you can change this setting in the value "DefaultLanguage" under "Startup".
  Changed: Improved error management when using the DynRfcProxyU module

Current release: 5100
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD51_02.exe
Current patch level: 02

  New: New binary format for configuration files
- cdncfg => normal configuration file
- cdncfp => exported part of a configuration file
- cdncfu => user-specific configuration file
- cdncfm => metafile for the dynamic adjustment of
data types and descriptions of a cdncf*
  New: New application configurator with tools for the conversion, translation and comparisons
  New: Behavior of the check-out wizard can be controlled from the open dialog.
  New: Icons are now loaded from "cdnicons.dll" by default; only if they cannot be found,
            "amgpdmicons.dll" is used.
  New: Load options in document search dialog
-> Display Original/Modify Original/Load Latest Version/Load Latest Released
-> You can activate the function to load drawings.
  New: Complete implementation of the classes BOMItem, BOMItems BOM, BOMs, BOMPartsLists, BOMPartsList BOMSpace,
BOMPartsListDescriptor, and BOMMgr
=> You can now use the functions for creating, changing, displaying, and updating the parts list and bill of material from SAP.
  New: The trigger commands "HeadMatCreate", "HeadMatCreateDark", "HeadMatChange", and "HeadMatDisplay" have been implemented.
  New: Support of SetGuiInvisible()
  New: If no material number is specified in the part (more specifically, in the relevant properties),
the system tries to read the material for this item from the document link.
  New: Configuration-dependent title block (Tbk) mapping or property mapping (SapMatBom.dll is required as of Version
  New: Creation date or change date of the CAD original and the users who are responsible for the creation or changes are now displayed in the document info record (DIR) hit list in the OpenDialog.
  New: New command "PersonalConfiguration" for user settings
(concerning OS-USER; requires CdnConfig and entries that can be changed by the user)
  New: Labels of menu options can now be entered using macros, for example, user settings for %ENV(user name)
  New: SAPSYSTEM, SAPCLIENT, SAPUSER are now made available to the cdncfg file switch variable.
  New: New macro %CHANGENO% replaces %ENV(INV_CHANGE_NO).
  New: Additional import parameters can be used for the RFCs "RFC_GET_MATERIAL_DATA", "RFC_CHANGE_MATERIAL_MASTER",
  Fixed: Setting an additional user-defined property with a name that includes _ no longer results in the termination of the inventor.
  Fixed: For NewSubDir, you can use macros that refer to the file name, for example, %EXTENSION%.
  Fixed: During unregistering, the "Implemented Categories" key is deleted from the registry.
  Fixed: New preview file (that has not been checked in yet) is copied to the temporary preview directory and is no longer moved.
  Fixed: Due to languages with longer texts, labels are extended for logon dialog.
  Fixed: CAD_DATE is not transferred to SAP during check-out.
  Changed: "User_Defined_Properties" has been changed to "User Defined Properties".
  Changed: Backslashes in the preview file path are escaped if the placeholder "%PREVIEWFILENAME%" is in a JavaScript of a PreviewTemplateXXX.html; in the Internet Explorer (IE) control, messages are no longer suppressed so that information is now available about why, for example, an ActiveX Control that is embedded in a PreviewTemplateXXX.html cannot be displayed.
  Changed: DOC_USERDEFINED search(es) are now called "Custom search" in English.
  Changed: The import parameters SELECTION and MAXROWS are optional for DOC_USERDEFINED RFCs.
  Changed: Additional message in the OpenDialog: "There are more than ... results".
  Changed: The default file name for neutral formats that are generated from the interface now has a double ending, for example, "12345.dwg.jpg" instead of "12345.jpg".
  Changed: RevisionListMapping is available.
  Changed: You can specify the key "FileName" under the conversion type. If the FileExtension is not already appended to the file name, the system appends the FileExtension (otherwise, the system does not append the FileExtension).
  Changed: The splash screen has been revised.

Current release: 5100
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD51_01.exe
Current patch level: 01

  Changed: SapAdeskRemote.cfg is converted into SapCadRemote.cfg.
  Changed: Icons for the toolbar are automatically copied into the standard path of AutoCAD.
  Changed: The toolbar has been adjusted (SapToolbarsde.mnu).
  Changed: Improved icons in ribbons or menu (as of AutoCAD 2009)
  Fixed: Improved process flow when RFCs are ended (you must implement Note 1265713)
  Fixed: For CAD desktop "CDESK_REPLACE_VERSION_RFC", the structure is always taken into account (you must implement Note 1269460).
  Fixed: The SAP menu is available in AutoCAD 2009, even if no file is open.

Current release: 5100
Current patch level: 00 (Release)

  New: Support of the Autodesk 2009 series
  New: New splash screen
  New: The new TriggerEvent "PdmAfterChangeDoc" is called after document change.
  New: There are new icons for the CDESK RFCs.
  New: The following CAD desktop RFCs are supported:
  New: Ribbons are supported.
  Changed: Toolbar is adjusted.
  Changed: If you use SaveAs, the copy is directly opened and an updateTbk is performed.
  Changed: The install shield contains only versions for AutoCAD 2007, AutoCAD 2008, and AutoCAD 2009. There is no further development for older versions.
  Changed: There is a defined behavior if "Z_EASYDMS_SHOWROOTFOLDERS" is not available or is not remote-enabled.
  Changed: The standard button in the OpenDialog below the hit list is now "Display Original".
  Changed: The default value of SystemCfg/General/SearchDlgOnFileOpen is set to TRUE. For the old search dialog, you require the key "UseLegacyDlgOnFileOpen".
  Changed: If the user specifies the (target) document part for DocPartCreate, the action terminates if:
- an old version of the new document part is open.
- an old version of the new document part has not been checked in in the WorkDir.
  Fixed: Termination when unloading or loading the modules
  Fixed: CDeskFileExistCheck is correctly evaluated.
  Fixed: Additional error message concerning InitTbk ("There is no document info record for "XXX") for files that are not managed.
  Fixed: The name of the command "InsertTbk" has been changed to "UpdateTbk" and now uses the same logic as "Save" or "Trigger".
  Fixed: AmgpdmIcons.dll is available in AboutDialog.
  Fixed: You can use the macros %FIELD() and %VBATest() in the areas CreateDark and CreateDialog (now you can also use them for structures and tables).
  Fixed: Warnings that are issued when protected SAP fields are changed during a lock status are processed as errors (for example, appending originals).
  Fixed: TDI080654/BUG 4263 thumbnail is incorrect: black bar for multicolored JPGs, incorrect zoom.
  Fixed: TDI080691/BUG 4633 ACADM crash during TbkMapping under Vista64Bit

Current release: 4500
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD_01.exe
Current patch level: 01

  New: You can use the macros %FIELD() and %VBATest() in the areas CreateDark and CreateDialog.
  New: OpenDialog: You can configure a timer time for the display of a thumbnail or preview (ShowThumbnailTimerTime)
  New: OpenDialog: There is a new "Display preview" button below the hit list.
  New: The LogonDialog is displayed again if a logon without a dialog fails (3105).
  New: CFG can be used to register commands, even if they are not available in the SAP menu (2939).
  New: Detailed logging can be performed (AO_SAPRFC_LOG).
  New: RFCs are always used to obtain the SAP user name from SAP (logon ticket).
  New: The SAP CAD working directory can be used to select a subdirectory in the working directory (972) (Note 886062 and BAdI).
  New: Implementation of REPLACE_VERSION_STRUC: replace version with structure (Note 1017677)
  New: Reading and writing of document properties (PropertyMapping)
  New: PropertyMapping: CustomProperties are created during the creation of files, even if they did not exist before.
  Changed: File name of the log file callreceive.log has been changed to <YYYY-MM-DD/callreceive_log.csv>.
  Changed: RFC wait time has been changed (performance improvement).
  Changed: Function definitions and structure definitions are obtained from SAP every third day if RfcLearning is deactivated (2764).
  Changed: The function definition file and the structure definition file now contain time stamps in each table (2764).
  Changed: Catching and reporting if a blank path is provided in ON_UPDATE_FILE_INFO and the cad_sap.key cannot be written as a result (3070)
  Changed: CloseBeforeCheckin, ReopenAfterCheckin, DeleteAfterCheckin, CheckinBeforeLogoff, DeleteBeforeLogoff are no longer supported (3005).
  Changed: Inventor log window: Title has changed from "mySAP..." to "SAP...".
  Changed: If a file refers to itself, this situation is caught (insertions are still permitted) (2782).
  Changed: The DWF neutral format is now generated using "Plot". The device configuration "PublishToWeb DWF.pc3" is used.
  Fixed: SapPasswordLength is ignored when the SAP system is changed (2857).
  Fixed: If a logon without a dialog fails, the current processing is unsuitable (3105).
  Fixed: Missing information concerning user who has logged on if logon tickets are used (3105)
  Fixed: IdTable is not displayed in AboutBox (2735).
  Fixed: Incorrect display of windows (216, 886, 1140, 1297, 1439, 2008, 2237)
  Fixed: Wait time when displaying worklist in the SAP system (performance improvement)
  Fixed: Two checks if files have not been saved (2297)
  Fixed: Incorrect message when using an old CDESK_CHECKOUT_WIZARD_RFC: "Maybe your SAP system is not up-to-date. Please check for SAP Notes." (2348)
  Fixed: Termination during check-in if another drawing (with an unresolved image file) is open (2713)
  Fixed: Image files that are not referenced are no longer displayed in AutoCAD 2007.
  Fixed: The CIDEON deletion assistants are switched off. When a command is called, the system advises that you should use the deletion assistant of the CDesk (2677).
  Fixed: The AcadXRefManager no longer terminates when a structure is resolved and one unresolved image entry is included (2312)
  Fixed: PropertyMapping: If properties are written to the assembly properties, the system no longer deletes these fields. If the properties are read, only the file properties are read.
  Fixed: MHT070706 Unloading and reloading modules from AutoCAD interface cause crash of AutoCAD (still
  Fixed: MHT070709 ZoomExtents does not work when PreCheckinAfterSave is used for the generation.

  Changes in the configuration:
  New: Key RfcLearning with the value "yes" (yes|no) under LocalCfg\Logon; for each SAP logon, the structure definitions and function definitions are queried.
  New: Key MakePasswordUpper with the value "no" (yes|no) under LocalCfg\Logon; the password is transferred to SAP in the same way as it is entered in the dialog.
  New: New object PropertyMapping under LocalCfg\: Mapping of document properties
  New: Keys AD_DESCRIPTION and AD_CREATED_BY under LocalCfg\PropertyMapping: PropertyMapping
  Changed: The value of the key SapPasswordLength under LocalCfg\Logon has been changed from "8" to "40"; you can transfer passwords up to a maximum of 40 characters .
  Changed: The value and the description of the key ShowThumbnailTimerTime under UserCfg\Default\DocSearch has been changed from "1000" to "3001"; as a result, the new "Display preview" button is activated.
  Changed:  The menu entry for HeadMatUpdateSAP (SubMenu4) has been changed to "Update (CAD->SAP)".
  Changed:  The menu entry and description for MatUpdateAll (SubMenu5) has been changed to "Update All (CAD->SAP)".

Current release: 4000
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD_02.exe
Current patch level: 02

  New: New key "UpdHeadMatProperties" updated in the AMBOM of the Assembly Properties (ACADM/MDT)
  New: About info now also contains information about the RFC library used (which exists on the PC).
  New: Incorrect configurations for FromPreviousDIR are caught more efficiently.
  New: Enhancement of the configuration for "DocPartCreate" --> Document part number can be specified by the user.
  New: New parameter "ZoomExtents" (true/false)
  New: Check out using CAD Desktop mechanism (CDeskCheckoutSet) possible
  New: New parameter "CheckinBeforeClose" (yes/no) enables check in using CDESK CheckInWizard
  New: New menu entry "CDeskCheckoutSet in SubMenu3 (document)
  New: New menu entry "CDeskResetCheckin" in SubMenu3 (document)
  New: New menu entry "CDeskCheckinWizard" in SubMenu3 (document)
  Changed: InitTbk is permitted for unsaved and/or unmanaged documents in Inventor.
  Changed: Errors during neutral file creation are first reported via box, then in log
  Changed: Adjustment: error message for UpdateDir if no CAD original known in DIR
  Changed: Sequence of outputs changed for MatUpdateAll or SapMatChange
  Changed: Message "Following data was assigned to the part:" for MatUpdateAll
  Changed: AssignToDoc now correctly refers to the newly created document (DocPartCreate)
  Changed: In "Triggers\MenüTriggerAllXXX" or "MenuTriggerCurrentXXX", you can now use macros also, but only those macros that have a connection with one or more of the opened files, for example: %EXTENSION% as well as %FIELD() - macros (%FIELD(DOC_DESCRIPTION)).
  Changed: In UpdateMAT\BAPI_MATERIAL_SAVEDATA\CLIENTDATA and CLIENTDATAX, the transfer of the unit of weight and base unit of measure is prepared.
  Fixed: The spelling mistakes in the message "Error in configuration file" are corrected.
  Fixed: The material number is changed correctly into the external number when you use CDESK_SEL_MATERIAL_DLG.
  Fixed: The drawing history is written to the correct file, but only when this is already dirty.
  Fixed: The material number is correctly called with the external number when you use CAD_GET_TITLE_BLOCK_DATA.
  Fixed: If BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2 returns empty DIR keys, this situation is caught correctly.
  Fixed: New trigger "DocPartCreate" (after creating  the new document part)
  Fixed: (ACAD 2002) MDT 2002 JPG creation for CreateAll=true returns FATAL ERROR
  Fixed: TDI060410/BUG 489 message "Command still active" after opening document and closing it using the "Close" icon
  Fixed: MHT060478 check out using browser pane, toolbar or SAP menu does not consider released change numbers (changes not allowed),  MHT060481 During update (UpdateTbk) the font size changes in GEN-TITLE-DES1
  Fixed: MHT060500 No document structure in AutoCAD
  Fixed: MHT070579 DIR creation with external number and incorrect entries (DIR number already exists)
  Fixed: Termination when opening files in SDI mode

Current release: 4000
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD_01.exe
Current patch level: 01

  New: SaveAsOption implemented (limitation: only possible for DWG due to error behavior in AutoCAD)
  New: New parameter "ZoomExtents" (yes/no) for JPG creation
  New: Menu commands "PartsListCreate", "PartsListChange"
  New: New parameter "BOMWithMissingMaterialAtPosition"
  New: Additional entries possible under FIELDX in [PART_DATA], which may contain macros (SAPVALUE / CADVALUE)
  New: For configuration SAP->MatPos in [PART_DATA],  you can access document data %FIELD(...).
  New: New macro %TITLEBORDER(), reading attributes from the font frame (ACADM)
  New: New macro "%USER(ALIAS)" for reading the alias on user names
  New: Creating new icon for document part
  New: New command "DocPartCreate", which creates a new document part based on the current document
  New: Special user searches can be defined in the OpenDialog; RFC modules with an interface that has a fixed definition are required for this.
  Changed: In ADT, the event for saving a file is suppressed with the following commands:
  Changed: When considering unloaded Xrefs, the CAD view displays those whose files cannot be found in a list
  Changed: Text and dialog box if the CDeskMdtStuffXXXX.dll is not found in MDT
  Changed: The item table that is transferred to SAP for creation or change processes begins with the lowest item and ends with the highest item.
  Changed: Standard materials are entered with a material number, which is not yet in genpps.dbf
  Changed: New object parameter LocalCfg\Logon\[System]\ for logging on to different SAP systems
  Changed: When you access an RFC module that is not available, the name is output.
  Changed: When you click the "+" icon in front of the working directory or its subdirectories in the OpenDialog, the directory is no longer immediately selected and the search for the DIR data for the files that are located here is no longer immediately started.
  Changed: The result list in the OpenDialog displays no leading zeros for document numbers, material numbers, and so on.
  Changed: Transfer of search criteria in the OpenDialog in upper case for "Simple Search" (DOC_SIMPLE)
  Changed: "F1 help" (technical information) enhanced for search fields of a search type that does not use SAP GUI
  Changed: Changed messages when exchanging the same materials for more than 1 CAD BOM item
  Fixed: Item blocks in AutoCAD Vanilla without fields for item numbers (AD_ITEM_NO)
or material numbers (AD_ERP_PART_NO) are processed correctly when inserting block (deleting)
  Fixed: Title blocks are only recognized as such in AutoCAD Vanilla if they are in the current layout
  Fixed: Length specifications in braces for the attribute names are also considered during the comparison directly after the opening process.
  Fixed: For a new document part with a new drawing, the new drawing is set to active
  Fixed: The item number (item number is no longer set to empty)
  Fixed: When you insert a block using the tool palette, no document info record is created
  Fixed: Xrefs that were inserted in a layout are visible in the CAD view
  Fixed: Uppercase and lowercase of path and file names are no longer changed
  Fixed: When you create an item material, SAP fields that are not filled by a related CAD field can be transferred.
  Fixed: Selective updating of items in the drawing for items with the same materials (for example, variable-size items)
  Fixed: AutoCADConvert2006, Idtable.dll is displayed in the About Info
  Fixed: New parameter "SapPasswordLength" for restricting the password length
  Fixed: Loading or unloading integration when the importer is active
  Fixed: Display of thumbnails or previews in the OpenDialog only with correct CAD desktop Customizing
  Fixed: The neutral file generation with CallCustomRfc no longer returns errors, and the information is provided.
  Fixed: MHT060410 Copying and replacing for Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) in CAD desktop does not work.
  Fixed: MHT060411 Rotating and scaling of TIFF files does not work when you insert with CDESK
  Fixed: MHT060497:OSS 638501:BUG 1764: Error message "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled"
must be inserted into the block
  Fixed: TDI060368:BUG 1779: After returning to ACD, open drawings close automatically
  Fixed: TDI060393:BUG 1906: When you insert a symbol (block) in ACD, SST is activated and wants to create a document info record.
  Fixed: TDI060382::Box concerning several existing title blocks in the drawing impedes the conversion
  Fixed: TDI060303:: Entry in the search dialog (document type) is case sensitive

Current release: 4000
Current patch level: -
Current patch level: 00 (Release)

  New: New parameter "ShowMatchcodeIds", display of search types - IDs for preselection
  New: New parameter "ShowThumbnailTimerTime", time interval for subsequent loading of the thumbnail image
  New: New parameter "ThumbnailViewerMapping", viewer configuration for OpenDialog
  New: New parameter "NotAllowedCharsInDir", characters that are not allowed for subdirectories
  New: New parameter "GetDocListFiles", SAP information about WS-APPL
  New: New parameter "PreSelectMemory", taking note of the search variant
  New: New parameter "PreSelectFilter", preselection for a filter in the OpenDialog
  New: New parameter "DocListImages", icons in the result list of the OpenDialog
  New: New parameter "CadApplsDocListFilter", internal filter for WS-APPL of the CAD system
  New: New parameter "CDeskSaveNewBefore", query about saving during the CDESK call
  New: Environment variable with the path for the SAP GUI installation directory is set if you cannot reach SAPHttp.exe or SAPFtp.exe
when you load the interface
  New: OpenDialog and "SAP Easy DMS" search
-> If RFC module "Z_EASYDMS_SHOWROOTFOLDERS" does not exist or cannot be used remotely:
-> Private folder    -> first DIR found with a document number that corresponds to the SAP user
-> Common folder -> first DIR found with document number "EDIPUBLICROOTFOLDER"
  New: In the OpenDialog, you can preassign all search fields for all search types that do not use SAP GUI.
  New: SAP menu even if no file is loaded
  New: Installation of the TaskBarIcon for the activity control
  New: Scaling and rotation when you insert image files using the CAD Desktop
  New: Delete Assistant of CDESK is supported
  New: Delete Assistant also deletes bak and tmp files
  New: Preassignment of match code searches
  Changed: Hit list in the OpenDialog
-> Extra column for the deletion indicator icon "DELETEINDICATORICON
-> Icon column for the object type (always one column) if the displaying of icons is activated
-> Extra icon column for "Checked in" if the displaying of icons is activated
-> No grid lines -> every second line is lightly highlighted instead
-> The column width is now adjusted only to the line content of the relevant column.
  Changed: The option for constant disabling or enabling of the view of the document search dialog is no longer available.
  Changed: OpenDialog and "Simple Search" (DOC_SIMPLE)
-> If the RFC module "BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST2" exists, it is used instead of "BAPI_DOCUMENT_GETLIST".
  Changed: In the document search filter dialog, negative searches and combined searches (or links) are possible.
  Changed: OpenDialog and "Matchcode (SAPGUI)"
-> The RFC module "RHF4_RFC_FIELD_VALUE_REQUEST" is now used by default.
-> Multiple selection can be performed as a result.
  Changed: AboutBox revised
  Changed: The field "MATERIAL" can be configured as the preassignment for creating header material.
  Changed: SAP fields can be used during the configuration for the header material creation.
  Changed: In Mechanical 2004 -> 200X, the header material is also written to the item when you insert a block
  Changed: Acad2004 and Acad2005 also enter their menu in the menu group "AMPP" and not in "AM"
  Changed: In command "PUBLISH", no events concerning saving are sent
  Changed: In command "PLOT", no events concerning saving are sent
  Changed: Material information no longer transferred to DWG but to DIR when externalizing
  Changed: Object types are set (ACAD --> P, ACADM --> P, MDT --> P or A)
  Fixed: Functional locations with alternative numbering are found.
  Fixed: A search is started if the document does not exist (document search using BAPI_DOCUMENT_EXISTENCECHECK).
  Fixed: Error in the layout when you change the resolution
  Fixed: File names with varying uppercase and lowercase umlauts are recognized correctly in the key file.
  Fixed: TDI060249/BUG: 1253 With the new DLLs, the system no longer creates a neutral format of the installed components during the storage in the SAP system.
  Fixed: MHT060452/BUG: 1253 Lower-level components cannot be converted during the neutral file creation in the case of "PreCheckinAfterSave".
  Fixed: MHT060470/OSS: 679090 Incorrect short text in the hit list, independent of the search language
  Fixed: TDI060285/OSS: 671307 After you change to ECC50, update terminations occur when you create DIRs in the CAD desktop (CLVF_VB_INSERT_CLASSIFICATION).
  Fixed: MHT060429/BUG:1195 AutoCADdoc. obtain DirtyFlag after reloading although you have not saved after the zoom limits
  Fixed: MHT060450/OSS:537630 Registration of DynRfcProxy.dll (Support Package 2)
  Fixed: MHT060451/BUG: 1268 UpdateMAT with new CFG and new interface no longer works
  Fixed: MHT060458/OSS: 594107 For SAP GUI 640, error message "DCOM connector is installed incorrectly"
  Fixed: Copying and replacing now also works for image files
  Fixed: MHT060403/BUG: 1097/OSS: 177767 Branching into CDESK is also possible for unsaved files (CDeskFileExistCheck)
  Fixed: MHT060468/OSS: 652914 Recursivity indicator in the document structure
  Fixed: MSH060349/OSS: 260675/OSS: 652914 Error message "Error on init Sfd.dll" after update of the conversion server - then
problem with the conversion of AutoCAD assemblies (Xref)
  Fixed: MHT060394/OSS: 130099 Error message:" SAP RFC error CDESK_SHOW" when you check in

Changes in the configuration:
  New: ShowMatchcodeIds (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default no
  New: ShowThumbnailTimerTime (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default 1000
  New: ThumbnailViewerMapping (object) (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default:
JPG = AOViewer.QtImageViewer
DWF = AdViewer
PDF = AdobePDF
  New: NotAllowedCharsInDir (SystemCfg/Default/General) with default:"?<>|*
  New: GetDocListFiles (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default no
  New: PreSelectMemory (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default yes
  New: PreSelectFilter (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default <blank>
  New: DocListImages (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default yes
  New: CadApplsDocListFilter (UserCfg/Default/DocSearch) with default no
  New: CDeskFileExistCheck (UserCfg/Default/General) with default 1
  New: CDeskSaveNewBefore (UserCfg/Default/General) with default yes

Current release: 3600
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD_03.exe
Current patch level: 03

  New: The result list can be filtered in the OpenDialog.
  New: New parameter "DocListColumnOrder", column sequence of the result list is configurable
  New: SaveEvent(As) supports document-related macros.
  New: New parameter "MaxNoOfHits" for preassigning the maximum number of hits in the OpenDialog
  New: New triggers "SapHeadMatCreated","SapHeadMatChanged", and "SapHeadMatAssigned"
  Fixed: Better monitoring of the mouse actions in the OpenDialog
  Fixed: DHE060004 Problems with Support Package 2 for ACAD Integration
  Changed: Macros can also be used for TbkInit configuration.
  Changed: Awaiting complete loading of DWF files for preview
  Changed: Text modification in the OpenDialog: "Display (SAPGUI)" instead of "Display"
  Changed: Message in the OpenDialog for a search without a result
  Changed: Run dialog when you start the check-out assistant

Current release: 3600
Current patch name: SAPPLMACAD_02.exe
Current patch level: 02
  New: New menu commands "MenuTriggerAll[XXX]" and "MenuTriggerCurrent[XXX]" for using trigger commands also by means of the menu
  New: Enhancement of the macro %DATE%, format can be transferred
  New: New macro %TRANSLATE(), an entry is read from the CFG for a given language.
  New: New macro %IFLANG%, provides the interface language ("GERMAN","ENGLISH") that is defined locally in the CFG
  New: New macro %LFILL(), %RFILL(), provides a string of a defined length, which may be truncated or filled up.
  New: New macro %MID(), provides a string from the middle of another string
  New: New macro %CONVDEC(), converts a decimal number
  New: New parameter "SapRfcCfgDir" for path for Saplogon.ini
  New: New macro %TRIM()
  New: Configuration for default values or search types for the OpenDialog
  New: OpenDialog now with "Work Directory"
  New: Preview window can be deactivated
  New: Preview also with PDF, DWF files in OpenDialog
  New: Preview available in OpenDialog (original required for miniature view in CDESK_CUS)
  New: Long texts can be configured in TbkMapping
  New: OpenDialog now with "SAP Easy DMS" search requires RFC function module "Z_EASYDMS_SHOWROOTFOLDERS"
  New: Icons in document search tree of OpenDialog (amgpdmicons.dll required)
  New: New parameter "NewFileName" for configuration of the file name
  New: Query when you insert block for scaling and rotation
  New: Path specifications of Xrefs are configurable (relatively, absolutely)
  New: Error when you write to cad_sap.key - error message
  New: FileOpen Dialog, preassignment of class type and class name
  Fixed: Macro support for %INPUTSUBWORKDIR()
  Fixed: Termination for %INPUTSUBWORKDIR() is now correct
  Fixed: Slash considered as separator in path specifications
  Fixed: MHT060356 Formula for part references
  Fixed: MHT050300 SAP menu in ACADM (Expresstools 2006)
  Fixed: MHT050320 Display of class hierarchy "Assign header material using classification"
  Fixed: TDI050129 UpdateDir of "invisible" attributes
  Fixed: TDI050154 Versioning and cross references
  Fixed: TDI050086 After customer-specific, there are no originals in the document info record, error message in message box
  Fixed: TDI050135 Password lifetimes in the SAP system are not considered due to the logon with the interface
  Fixed: MHT050276 Calling CDESK for change number
  Fixed: TDI050112 incorrect messages (boxes) during conversion
  Changed: When you create an item material, the default values from PART_DATA are transferred
  Changed: Output on the command bar
  Changed: Inclusion of the SAP menu
  Changed: When you insert document (BLOCK), header material number is transferred to the item in ACADM
  Changed: When you rename Xref blocks, block definitions that point to the same file are combined and the number of references are added.
  Changed: Support of overlay Xrefs and unloaded Xrefs
  Changed: Menu command "DocCreate" is also available as trigger command
  Changed: For message "No target type for automatic conversion", additional information whether AutoFormat or ExistFormat
  Changed: !!! Tbk mapping or macros in CFG: SAP fields must be enclosed in macro "FIELD()" !!!
  Changed: For background creation of document info record, date fields that are not configured are transferred  with the value "00000000" so that they are not defined as initial
  Changed: "Read title block data" with info for the relevant document info record
Changes in the configuration:
  New: Configuration for OpenDialog and default values (DocSearch)
  New: New parameter SearchDlgOnFileOpen (OpenDialog) (RFC "CDESK_CALL_CHECKOUT_WIZARD" required)
  New: New parameter "InheritObjLink" for inheriting the object link
  Changed: Menu entry "Document material object link" is removed from the SAP standard system
  Changed: New default value for UpdTbkAfterChangeDoc --> yes
  Changed: The description for menu option "Assign document info record" has been changed
  Changed: UpdateMAT, section UNITSOFMEASURE -> Table parameter (LINE_0...)

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