Note 915079 - J2EE on Oracle: Updating the JDBC drivers

Version / Date 25 / 2011-10-20
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Consulting
Primary Component BC-DB-ORA-SYS Database Interface / DBMS for Oracle
Secondary Components BC-DB-ORA Oracle

  • You want to localize and update the JDBC driver in your Oracle-based J2EE engine system, or:
  • You imported a patch into the Oracle database software on the central instance. However, the system response of the SAP J2EE applications with respect to JDBC has not been changed by this import, in particular possible errors are not corrected.

Other terms

J2EE, JDBC, Driver, Oracle, Patch

Reason and Prerequisites

The database on which the J2EE engine is based runs on Oracle.


It is generally necessary to differentiate between the driver as such and the references to this driver. This note concerns the update of the existing driver. If the driver directory or the driver name changes, the driver references must be adjusted. In this case, read Note 867976.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :    , driver files, instant client, oracle instant, client installation, database software, system level, client software, oracle database, xx> |dvebmgs<, |dvebmgs< xx>, service marketplace, dialog instances, central instance,

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