Note 886544 - VAT and ECS changes for Octroi Base value calculation

Component : Materials Management - Purchasing

Solution : (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :
Octroi Calculation in CIN, VAT condition, deductible VAT, Education Cess, ECS, JEC1, JEC2, Octroi condition base value, JOCM condition, routine 361, FV63A361, J_1I4_GET_DEDUC_TAX_FOR_OCTROI, J_1I4_STORE_DED_TAX_FOR_OCTROI,Sales Tax, FV64A352, Purchase order creation, ME21, Non-cenvatable material, Non-excisable material, Tax code with VAT, tax procedure TAXINJ
procedure taxinj, excise indicator, order creation, purchase order, octroi condition

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