Note 867176 - FAQ: Oracle JDBC

Version / Date 6 / 2011-08-16
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Oracle JDBC connections

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Reason and Prerequisites
    1. What is JDBC?
    2. What JDBC Drivers Oracle Provide?
    3. Which JDBC driver version is certified to connect to which database version?
    4. Which JDK version goes with which driver version?
    5. What are the Driver file names?
    6. What Driver use SAP J2EE?
    7. Are Oracle's JDBC zip and jar files identical on all platforms?
    8. Where do you find the JDBC thin driver?
    9. How to update the JDBC thin Driver?
    10. How to determine which JDBC driver a java program uses?
Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :    , driver version, 0   , driver  , x   , driver filename>, version  , database version, program  ,

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