Note 821519 - Front-end printing with control technology

Version / Date 41 / 2011-09-08
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Category Program error
Primary Component BC-CCM-PRN-PC Printer Control via Frontend PC
Secondary Components BC-CCM-PRN Print and Output Management


Problems occur when you use front-end printing with SAPLPD, particularly in terminal server environments.

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SAPLPD, front-end printing, access method G, LOCL, frontend printing, front end printing

Reason and Prerequisites

The previous implementation of front-end printing with SAPLPD has some disadvantages, in particular in terminal server environments: The configuration is complicated and the execution may be unstable.

In addition, you cannot use the technology at all for front-end printing with the SAP GUI for Java on non-Windows platforms.

In order to compensate for these disadvantages, front-end printing with control technology is introduced in SAP releases as of 4.6C.

Technical implementation

From a technical point of view, the new front-end printing is based on the controls that have already been used in the SAP GUI for a long time. Controls are DLLs that run in the process context of SAP GUI. The new print control receives the print data and transfers it to the underlying print system of the operating system. When you work with SAP GUI for Windows, you can continue to use the SAPWIN device type that allows you to use any printer with a Windows driver. On other platforms with SAP GUI for Java, you must use the relevant device type, for example, PostScript.

SAPLPD no longer exists as a separate process. This eliminates the terminal server environment problem mentioned above.

Note the following: The new access method still does not allow you to print using "print immediately" from a background job, since there is no connection from the background work process to the SAP GUI.

Installation Requirements

You must install the following to be able to use the new technology:

    • The specified kernel patch depending on the release
    • The specified Basis Support Packages, depending on the release
    • Specified patch for Windows SAPGUI
    • Specified patch for SAP GUI for Java

Then use report RSPO0075 to add the access method 'G'. You can then create printers as usual with the new access method 'G'. 'G' is the access method for front-end printing with control technology.

When you create a printer in the R/3 system, we recommend that you specify '__DEFAULT' in the 'Host Printer' field during the host spool access. A Windows printer selection box appears later in the print process, where you can change the default printer if necessary.

Differences to the old front-end printing.

    • SAPLPD is no longer required. However, it is still delivered to provide for older systems. It is no longer supported if your system meets the installation prerequisites for the new front-end printing. As of SAPGUI 7.10, the shortcut to SAPLPD in the Windows Start menu (created when you installed SAPGUI) is deleted.
    • There is no longer a printer selection box in the SAP system. Instead, a Windows printer selection box is called directly from the Control. It is therefore no longer necessary to restrict the length of printer names.
    • The environment variable LP_CMD is no longer needed in the terminal server environment.

An excerpt from the SAP printer documentation, in which you can find further details, is attached to this note in PDF format.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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