Note 752505 - SAP System Installation Problems

Version / Date 10 / 2009-07-16
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Installation information
Primary Component BC-INS Installation Tools
Secondary Components BW-SYS Basis System and Installation


Customer is having an error or problem when trying to install or copy
a SAP system (R/3, NetWeaver, ECC, CRM, BW, APO, EP etc.)

Other terms

R3load, SAPInst, R3SETUP, Installation, System Copy, troubleshooting
Homogeneous, Heterogeneous, OS/DB Migration

Reason and Prerequisites

During SAP System installation or system copy, an error occured and the
process has been interrupted, then the customer wants to open a message
in order to receive support from SAP.

This note describes what input SAP Support needs in order to provide
adequate support for a problem related to installations and and system
copy or migrations.


Dear Customer,

SAP requires the following information to be able to process your
enquiry efficiently and accurately.

Please check the details of your problem message to ensure they are
comprehensive. The following guidelines will gives you an indication
of what is needed:



1. Type of Installation / System Copy
2. Logs files required
3. Media used
4. Procedure used
5. How to send the required information to SAP
6. Remote connection


1. Type of Installation / System Copy

It's very important for the troubleshooting that indicate us  what kind
of installation you are performing

For example: SAP NetWeaver Web AS, mySAP ECC 5.0, SAP BW 3.5 or an Homogeneous System Copy for SAP R/3 Release 4.6D, etc.

Also please indicate:

  o Operating System
  o Database Version and patch level
  o kernel patch level

2. Logs files required

The installation log files are the most important input to detect the
source and reasons of your installation/migration problem, these files
are absolutely required by the SAP Support to process your case.

o For system based on SAP WebAS 6.20 or higher, please provide us
the following files:

- sapinst*.log
- sapinst_dev*.log
- keydb.xml
- control.xml
- summary.html

If following files are present on installation directory, please also send it to us:

- java.log, java*.log
- jload.log,
- callSdmViaSapinst.log,  CallSdmViaSapinst*.log
- All the files with structure SAP*.log

For oracle based installations:

- ora*.log, ora_sql_results.log

- Save the information present on the log window (view log button)
into a text file

If the error should be in the R3load import phase of theinstallation, please add the following logfiles as well:

- all <PACKAGE>.log files , i.e. SAPAPPL0.log
- all <PACKAGE>.TSK files, i.e.  SAPAPPL0.TSK

o As of installation release NW 7.00 SR3 sapinst offers to
automatically create an archive SUPPORT.SAR when it aborts.
Please attach this file to the message as it includes all important logfiles.

If the file should be too large to attach you may split it up into smaller files or you may ask the message processor to create an upload link for you (SAPMATS).

o For system based on SAP Release 4.6D or lower releases (3.x or 4.x)
please read the SAP Note 331082 and provide us all the required log

o If the source/target operating system is Linux, we will require the
output for SAPSYSINFO script as per SAP Note 618104

3. Media used

If you're using a CD or DVD, please indicate the Mat.Number, otherwise
indicate the SAR/CAR file and the location from where you obtain it.

4. Procedure used

Some installations are performed using special procedures, we need to
know the guide and/or SAP Notes used during your installation in order
to follow up the exact procedure that you're doing.

Please indicate also what attempts you have made to correct the problem
and which SAP Notes have consulted.

5. How to send the required information to SAP

Once you have ALL the mentioned files,please compress them using SAPCAR or WINZIP, afterwards select one of follwing options to send it to SAP:

- As Attachment (recommended) : the procedure to attach any file to customer messages is mentioned on SAP Note 541726

- Via FTP to SAPServX : if you have access to the SAPServX you can upload the file as indicated on SAP Note 40024

- Ask to SAP Support for a SAPMats container to send the files, in SAP Note 560499 you will find your local support office phone number, please contact us.

6. Remote Connection

During the message processing a remote connection to the affected server could be required by SAP. Please establish a remote connection and if required, open it, saving the logon data in the secure area as indicated in SAP Note 508140

Q: What kind of remote connection is required ?

A: For Unix-based systems a Telnet or ssh connection is required. You
   can set up the telnet connection following SAP Note 37001. For ssh    connections please refer to note # 1275351.

   For Windows-based systems you can set up one of follwing sessions:

- Windows Terminal Server (recommended)  (see SAP Note 605795)
- Netviewer    (see SAP Note 1036616)
- PcAnywhere   (see SAP Note 100740)
- Citrix       (see SAP Note 701588)
- NetMeeting   (see SAP Note 356635)

If it should be that you want SAP Support to reproduce an issue by runnning 'sapinst' directly, it is also possible to set up an SAPINST GUI connection as per note # 707848.


This valuable information will allow SAP Active Global Support to process your message efficiently and provide adequate support for the problem that you're facing.

Thanks in advance for your collaboration in this matter

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