Note 69455 - Servicetools for Applications ST-A/PI (ST14, RTCCTOOL, ST12)

Version : 234 / 2014-09-19


As preparation for a SAP EarlyWatch/GoingLive session you want to implement the application-specific tools from SAP Support (Application monitor ST14, RTCCTOOL, ST12 and application specific SDCC data collectors).

Other Terms

ST-A/PI "Service Tools for Applications Plug-In",
SAP GoingLive, SAP EarlyWatch, Service preparation, RTCCTOOL,
Application monitor, Logistics Monitor, ST14,
Analyis&Service Tools Launchpad, ST13
ABAP Trace for EarlyWatch/GoingLive, ST12

Reason and Prerequisites

As of SAP release 4.0B, ST14 monitor & RTCCTOOL are delivered in one addon ST-A/PI "Service Tools for Applications Plug-In".
Only for older R/3 releases 3.0D-3.1I, ST14 and RTCCTOOL are still delivered as separate transports from sapserv3-7.

Note that the ST14 monitor and transactions ST12 and ST13 are not officially documented and are only released for use by SAP or certified Service consultants during SAP Service Sessions (for example SAP GoingLive Check or Solution Management Optimization Services). They are only available in English.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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