Note 676123 - Project Information Database / Value Category Customizing

Version / Date 4 / 2003-10-31
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Consulting
Primary Component PS-IS-ACC-HIE Hierarchy Reports
Secondary Components PS-PRG Progress,PS-PRG-EVA Progress Analysis,CO-OM-OPA-C Budgeting,PS Project System,PS-IS Information System,PS-IS-ACC Accounting,PS-IS-LOG Logistics,PS-ST-PPB Project Planning Board,PS-IS-LOG-STR Structure overview


  • You want to know more about the project information database, about value categories and value category customizing.
  • You want to know, why it is inevitable to maintain the value category customizing correctly and completely.
  • You do not know, why the value category customizing is necessary at all.
  • You want to know, what this customizing is for and why a support consultant or developer has asked you to review/maintain your value category customizing.
  • You want to know which are the guiding priciples for value category customizing.

Other terms

Project Information Database, CJEN, OPI1, OPI4, OPI5, RPSCO, RPSQT

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Key words :    , value category, information database, project information, category customizing, commitment items, value categories, categories meant, hierarchy reports, earned value, table rpsco, value analysis, elements commitment,

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