Note 676123 - Project Information Database / Value Category Customizing

Version / Date 4 / 2003-10-31
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Consulting
Primary Component PS-IS-ACC-HIE Hierarchy Reports
Secondary Components PS-PRG Progress,PS-PRG-EVA Progress Analysis,CO-OM-OPA-C Budgeting,PS Project System,PS-IS Information System,PS-IS-ACC Accounting,PS-IS-LOG Logistics,PS-ST-PPB Project Planning Board,PS-IS-LOG-STR Structure overview


  • You want to know more about the project information database, about value categories and value category customizing.
  • You want to know, why it is inevitable to maintain the value category customizing correctly and completely.
  • You do not know, why the value category customizing is necessary at all.
  • You want to know, what this customizing is for and why a support consultant or developer has asked you to review/maintain your value category customizing.
  • You want to know which are the guiding priciples for value category customizing.

Other terms

Project Information Database, CJEN, OPI1, OPI4, OPI5, RPSCO, RPSQT


Project Information Database

The project information database - table RPSCO - is the value table
(no quantities!) that serves as common database for:

  • Hierarchy Reports
  • Structure Overview
  • Progress Analysis (earned value)
  • Project Planning Board.

It contains values from controlling (costs, revenues, commitment) and PS cash management (expenses, receipts, cash commitment, planned payments ...).
For earned value analysis table RPSQT contains the necessary quantities. The values in this table occur from statistical keyfigure records in controlling.
That way you can design hierarchy reports that are able to report on all these values in one single report.
For quantities in earned value analysis please use transaction CNE5 or in releases 4.6* CNSE5. To enable hierarchy reports to deal with these values, note 523330 must be implemented.

Not all values are updated to the project information database: Settlement records to receivers other than WBS element, network, network activity or project related order (with WBS element assignement) are not updated to the project information database.
--> see also note 51971.
This is, because the values in the project information database are limited to project values. Values that have left the project are not in focus anymore.

Value category customizing

In the project information database the value category plays the role, that cost elements, commitment items and statistical key figures have in the controlling tables, report-writer reports / report painter reports and line item reports.
The value category customizing controls this re-keying process from the controlling tables to the project information database. It is essential!

This customizing must be set up correctly and completely. Otherwise you will get unpredictably wrong values in the hierarchy reports, the structure overview, earned value analysis and in the project planning board.

Please check now, if your customizing is complete and correct.

    1. Please use transaction CJVC to check your value category customizing.
All red AND yellow lights shown there have to be eliminated

by correcting and completing your value category customizing. In order to do that, please review your customizing following these guidelines:

      a) Each cost element/commitment item/stat. key figure HAS TO BE ASSIGNED exactly once to a value category. Assigning them to more or less than one value category will lead to unpredictable results.
      b) This is nessessary EVEN, IF YOU NEVER WANT TO SEE those values. In that case you can block the update to table RPSCO. To block the update please create an assignment line to a value category and activate the 'suppress' indicator on the assignment detail screen.
      c) Only

                       - Cost elements of the same cost element type

                       - Commitment items of the same item category and

                       - Statistical key figures of the same unit of measure and the same key figure category

                       are allowed to be assigned to the same value category. Other and/or mixed assignments will lead to unpredictable results like mixing costs and revenues in columns or rows!

      d) When you create the value categories, that replace the cost element/commitment item/statistical key figure in the project information database, check for the correct setting of the radio button:

                       COSTS: for value categories meant to be used for cost elements of type 1 ('costs'); for value categories meant to be used for commitment items for expenses

                       REVENUES: for value categories meant to be used for cost elements of type 11 or 12 ('revenues'); for value categories meant to be used for commitment items for receipts.

                       If you want to assign STATISTICAL KEY FIGURES to the value category, you indicate, whether the value category should contain key figures with totals values characteristic or fixed values characteristic.

                       These settings are valid for all cost elements/commitment items/statistical key figures you assign to the value category.

    1. If all red and yellow lights in transaction CJVC are eliminated, please rebuild the Project Information Database (table RPSCO) by transaction CJEN. Without this, changes carried out in your value category customizing won't have any effect. That is necessary after all changes in value category customizing, that affect values already posted. Running CJEN is not dangerous.

    2. Please rebuild the assigned values using transaction CJBN afterwards, if you use budgeting.

    3. Performance tip:

              You can create more than one assignement line for one value category. This is possible, because the assignment lines do not only contain the controlling area and the value category but also a counter (1-999).

              If you assign cost elements or cost element intervals to the value category instead of cost element groups, you save the time, that otherwise would be consumed for the explosion of the cost element group.

              For being able to do that easily, please consider the following: Please use allways the same number of digits for all cost elements and revenue elements - to have a reserve eventually 1 or two digits more than you initially need. The field for cost element is an alphanumeric field and is lexically sorted. If you do not do it that way, you will have problems defining intervals. So please use the same number of digits for all cost elements. The same is for commitment items and statistical key figures.

This setup should be checked regularly to make sure, that all values are updated to the project information database in the correct way! There should be a special focus on newly created cost elements / commitment items / statistical key figures.

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