Note 664679 - Installing 6.40 kernel in SAP WEB AS 6.10/6.20

Version / Date 21 / 2006-03-08
Priority Recommendations/additional info
Category Upgrade information
Primary Component BC-CST Client/Server Technology
Secondary Components


There is an error in the SAP kernel of Release 6.10 or 6.20 that is solved with the 6.40 Kernel.

Other terms

Downward-compatible kernel DCK 640

Reason and Prerequisites
  • This note applies to all systems with Web AS Release 6.10 or 6.20 (SAP_BASIS component).
  • As of April 2004, the 6.40 kernel is being sent to customers.
  • You may need to perform an operating system upgrade before the kernel upgrade.
  • Caution: The 6.40 kernel is not yet available for all products on all platforms. You can find the up to date information on the combinations of SAP products, Operating System version and database versions that is allowed under:
    Use this information and the notes mentioned below to check whether the 6.40 kernel is released for your SAP product, DB and operating system platform.
  • You may need to perform a DB upgrade before the kernel upgrade. Use the following notes to check whether the 6.40 kernel still supports your current database release:
    • Note 407314 (Oracle)
    • Note 407317 (INFORMIX)
    • Note 727683 (MaxDB)
    • Note 407322 (DB2/UDB)
    • Note 407325 (DB2/390)
    • Note 407328 (MS SQL Server)
    • Note 410783 (DB2/400)

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :    , central instance, following commands, information about, service marketplace, application servers, operating system, processor type>, k1\nt\< processor, drive> k1\nt\<, kernel directory, sapsid>  , directory structure, check whether, compatible kernel, \usr\sap\< sapsid>, kernel executables, support packages, kernel library,   go , go   , upgrade caution, sapsid> \sys\exe\run, drive> \usr\sap\<, os> sapcar, downward compatible, universal database, run   ,

Affected Releases
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