Note 661684 - MFBF/MF70: Separated backflush and discontinued part

Version / Date 2 / 2003-09-23
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Program error
Primary Component PP-MRP-PP Procurement Proposal
Secondary Components PP-REM-ADE Backflushing


When you use discontinuation and follow-up items in repetitive manufacturing scenarios, which are backflushed by separated backflush processes, it results in incorrect material postings and postprocessing records for discontinuation and follow-up components.

Other terms

MFBF, MF70, separated backflush, discontinued part, planned order,
part to be discontinued, follow-up material, MD04, MD05, postprocessing record ...

Reason and Prerequisites

The problem is caused by a program error for the specification of default quantities for withdrawal postings and the calculation of withdrawal quantities for planned order components.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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