Note 65940 - FBRA - Reversed items cannot be cleared (F5673)

Version / Date 12 / 2001-08-27
Priority Correction with low priority
Category Customizing
Primary Component FI-AR-AR Basic Functions
Secondary Components


If an incoming invoice is posted in a foreign currency, you cannot reverse cleared GR/IR items created by the SAPF123W clearing program using the reset cleared items transactions in MM or FI. The same problem occurs for freight clearing and customs clearing postings.
Error messages F5673 (when trying to reverse a clearing) and M8630 (when attempting to cancel) will cause a system deadlock.

Additional key words

MB01, MR01, SAPF123W, MR08
Message M8360, Message F5673, G4024

Cause and prerequisites

The cause of the problem is that G/L accounts defined for Materials Management postings in the account assignment table (T030) under transaction WRX, FR1, FR2, FR3, or FR4 (group RMK), can only be updated in local currency for MM postings. The system does not check whether the "balances in local currency only" indicator (SKB1-XSALH) is set in the master record for these accounts.


The following steps must be carried out in the given order:

    1. Run the attached correction report in test mode to determine the accounts for which the "balances in local currency only" indicator is not set.
    2. Then check with Transaction "Display Balances" (FS10) whether the accounts have a balance in foreign currency.
    3. If a balance exists in foreign currency, charge off the amounts in foreign currency from the respective accounts.
    4. Then run the attached correction report (in update mode).
    5. You can now post the amounts again.

           Documentation on the attached correction report:

The attached report sets the SKB1-XSALH indicator in the master
records of the aforementioned accounts. You can choose to execute this
report for only a specific group of company codes. The system will execute a test run if you do not set the "PROD_RUN" indicator. You can use the list that is output to determine whether the required accounts are selected.

Note also that:

if you definitely want to enter G/L accounts for which the SKB1-XSALH indicator is not set into table T030, these entries will have to be changed before you make the correction.

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