Note 640910 - Problems when using OPatch

Version : 28 / 2010-07-26


Warnings or errors occur when you use OPatch to implement an Oracle interim patch or merge fix.

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Reason and Prerequisites

As of Oracle 9.2, OPatch is used to implement Oracle patches (other than patch sets). For more details on OPatch, see Note 306408.

Many OPatch problems can be eliminated by implementing the current OPatch and OUI patches (Note 629588).
The following is an overview of possible warnings and errors and ways of eliminating them:

    1. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
    Can not set up OUI inventory session
    Unknown problem.
    OPatch stops because of Inventory problem.
    The OUI does not display installed interim patches
    The file <path>/oraInventory/Contents/oneoffsN.oo is empty
    runInstaller hangs
    2. Interim inventory update exception: The base component
    <oracle.rdbms,> of the Oneoff Patch <> is not
    present in the install inventory.
    3. Unknown inventory save error: PRKC-1021 : Problem in the clusterware
    There were problems propagating this patch to the other nodes:
    Interim patch cluster update file replication error:
    PRKC-1004 : Problem in copying file to nodes
    Interim patch cluster update directory creation error:
    PRKC-1007 : Problem in creating directories on the nodes
    4. A previously applied patch(es) may be in conflict with <new_patch>
    The patch(es) for version <oracle_version> that may be in conflict with this patch are: ...
    Continuing could overwrite all or parts of the patch(es) in conflict.
    5. Problems when checking for files that are active.
    There were problems when checking for active processes on critical
    files. The patch tool runs the command 'fuser' to check that
    critical files are not in use. Please check 'fuser' is available in
    your PATH environmental variable.
    6. There were problems in running the make commands needed to finish
    the patching process.
    The errors encountered were:
    Couldn't create file for the make commands.
    Error is: Permission denied
    Error is: The file system has read permission only.
    ERROR: Unknown inventory update error: null
    7. Couldn't find required file liboraInstaller.
    8. Cannot open to read file /oracle/oraInventory/ContentsXML/comps.xml
    OS_ERROR = [No such file or directory]
    OS_ERROR = [Permission denied]
    9. Problems with the lock file
    Lock file exists, details are:
    Interim patch <patch> is holding the lock,
    probably due to previous unsuccessful operation
    10. Can't locate in @INC
    BEGIN failed--compilation aborted
    11. Not a valid patch area.
    Check the command line, current directory location and permissions
    of the patch directory.
    12. Cannot open file /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc for reading:
    [No such file or directory]
    13. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at InitialDatabaseCheck.main(
    Unknown problem.
    14. Couldn't restore object apa.o into the archive libserver9.a.
    Couldn't restore object kke.o into the archive libserver9.a.
    Couldn't restore object kko.o into the archive libserver9.a.
    Couldn't restore object kkpap.o into the archive libserver9.a.
    15. Can't locate in @INC ...
    16. AIX 5.x: Can't call method "build_option_details" on an undefined
    value at /oracl/BWT/920_64/OPatch/opatch_modules/ line ...
    17. The following required components were not located or have the
    18. The patch directory area must be a number.
    19. WINDOWS, Active State Perl:
    'C:\Program' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file
    The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.
    Error in executing Java program to check conflict
    ERROR: OPatch failed during pre-reqs check.
    A core dump occurs.
    OPatch hangs
    20. LINUX: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:
    Can't load library: /home/usupport/oui/bin/Linux/
    21. OPatch detects your platform as 453 while this patch <patch number>
    supports platforms 23 (Sun SPARC Solaris (64-BIT))
    OPatch detects your platform as 610 while this patch <patch number>
    supports platforms 212 (AIX 5L (64-BIT))
    22. OPatch detects your platform as 46 while this patch <patch number>
    supports platforms 226 (Linux x86_64)
    23. 10g: OPatch detects your platform as 110 while this patch <patch number>
    supports platforms 214 (Linux x86_64)
    24. The Oracle Home /oracle/<sid>/920_64 is not registered with the Central
    Inventory.  OPatch was not able to get details of the home from the
    ERROR: OPatch failed because of Inventory problem
    Updating inventory...
    Exception in thread "main" OPatch Exception:
      Cannot lock OUI inventory (READ/WRITE Level)
      The target area /oracle/product/oraInventory cannot be used
      because it is in an invalid state.
            at opatch.O2O.<clinit>(
            at opatch.UpdateInventory.main(
    Files on system are patched but Inventory Update has failed.
    25.   This patch will update Jar file(s) but OPatch was not able to locate
    executable jar under /oracle/product/9.2.0/jdk/bin.
      ERROR: OPatch failed during pre-reqs check.
    find_executable_file(): Cannot find "jar" from
    ERROR: OPatch failed because of cmd. args. problem.
      The following problems were encountered when trying to backup Java
    class files:
      1. /oracle/SA1/920_64/rdbms/jlib/CDC.jar
      [ object: Subscription.class ]
    26. Archive failed: failed to update
    "<ORACLE_HOME>/lib/libserver9.a" with updated
    There are 1 issues patching static library in Oracle Home.
    FILE PROBLEM: some files are not patched.
    OPATCH_JAVA_ERROR: Patch was not successfully applied.
    Verification of the patch failed.
    ERROR: OPatch failed as verification of the patch failed.
    FINEST:CheckSum of 2 streams are 594889758 and 594889552
    FINE:  2 files are identical? FALSE
    INFO:    Archive failed: failed to update
      "<ORACLE_HOME>/lib/libserver10.a" with updated
    27. INFO:The following warnings have occurred during OPatch execution:
    INFO:1) OUI-67160:ApplySession for patch ID '5188321':
    Could not back up following actions for patch rollback:
    1) null
    2) null
    28. ApplySession failed: ApplySession failed in system modification
    phase... 'ApplySession::apply failed: Jar not applied ...
    'invalid entry COMPRESSED SIZE (EXPECTED 31214 BUT GOT 30948 BYTES)'
    29. OUI-67124:Copy failed
    from '/oracle/<sid>/102_64/.patch_storage/8568398_Jun_9_2009_18_00_20/
    files/lib/libjox10.a' to '/oracle/<sid>/102_64/lib/libjox10.a

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

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