Note 639269 - Enhancements of SAPKKA17 for postprocesses

Version / Date 2 / 2003-07-10
Priority Correction with medium priority
Category Program error
Primary Component PS-REV-RA Results Analysis
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Enhancements of SAPKKA17 for postprocesses

Other terms

Results analysis, Project Results analysis


Proceed in the sequence which is specified by the numbering! Create all new objects in development class KKAG!

    1. If you do not have program SAPKKA17, implement Note 611888.
    2. Implement the following data elements:
  • KKA_SEL_PRT_ADD, Add WBS element
  • KKA_SEL_PRT_DIF, Filter: Difference calcltn.
  • KKA_SEL_PRT_NUR, Only WBS el. of log
  • KKA_SEL_PRT_NIX, Do not analyze log
  • KKA_SEL_NO_ABG, Only WBS el. w/o results analysis

              Enter domain KKA_YES_NO in all these data elements.

              Enter the texts in the short texts and in the field labels. Use suitable abbreviations for the shorter field labels.

  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_DTASTART, domain DATUM, 1st date results analysis doc
  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_TIMEASTART, domain UZEIT, Start time Results analysis
  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_DTAEND, domain DATUM, Last date results analysis doc
  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_TIMEAEND, domain UZEIT, End time results analysis
  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_DTPSTART, domain DATUM, 1st log creatn date
  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_TIMEPSTART, domain UZEIT, Start time log
  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_DTPEND, domain DATUM, Last creatn date log
  • KKA_DOC_CREAT_TIMEPEND, domain UZEIT, End date log

              Enter the texts in the short text and in the field labels. use suitable abbreviations for the shorter field labels.

    3. Add the following components to structure KKA_SAPKKA17:

                       Component            ! Component type


  • SEL_NO_ABG           ! KKA_SEL_NO_ABG
  • SEL_PRT_ADD          ! KKA_SEL_PRT_ADD
  • SEL_PRT_DIF          ! KKA_SEL_PRT_DIF
  • SEL_PRT_NIX          ! KKA_SEL_PRT_NIX
  • SEL_PRT_NUR          ! KKA_SEL_PRT_NUR
    4. Implement the correction instructions of this note (639269).
    5. Implement the following text symbols for program SAPKKA17:
  • A01 Requires updated line items of the results analysis
  • A02 Only checks line items of prof.analysis suitable for results analysis period
  • A03: Difference determination w/ WBS element w/o prof.analysis from interval
  • NAB Restriction to WBS el. w/o results analysis
  • PRT Evaluation of error log
  • PRU Logs to be taken into account
  • PRV WBS elements of the logs
  • S21 Read COVBP for WBS elements
  • S22 Read CMFK and CMFP for WBS elements
    6. Implement the following selection texts for program SAPKKA17:
  • FROMADT 1st date results analysis doc
  • FROMATM Start time results analysis
  • FROMPDT 1st creation date log
  • FROMPTM Start time log
  • NO_ABG Only WBS el. w/o results analysis
  • PRT_ADD Add WBS element
  • PRT_DIF: Difference determination
  • PRT_NIX Do not analyze logs
  • PRT_NUR Only WBS el. of log
  • TOADATE Last date results analysis doc
  • TOATIME End time results analysis
  • TOPDATE Last creation date log
  • TOPTIME End time log

Description of the additional functions

There are two new blocks on the initial screen of program SAPKKA17.

  • Evaluation of the error log
  • Restriction to WBS el. without results analysis

Via the 'Evaluation of the error log' block, the results analysis can be carried out selectively via the WBS elements that were written into the error log of the results analysis. Programs SAPKKA00, SAPKKA00BG, SAPKKA17 and Transaction KKAJ can write to the error log. the error logs can be displayed using Transaction SCMO or report SAPKKA04.

Via the 'Restriction to WBS el. without results analysis' block, program SAPKKA17 can only filter out those WBS elements after the general selection via the CO line items and so on for which no results analysis has occured yet according to the results analysis line items. For this purpose, the update of results analysis line items must be activated in the definition of the results analysis version.

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