Note 618868 - FAQ: Oracle performance

Version / Date 175 / 2013-05-08
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Primary Component BC-DB-ORA Oracle
Secondary Components SV-BO-DB-ORA Oracle Performance Problems

    1. Can I use this FAQ to solve all Oracle performance problems?
    2. Which prerequisites are required for a detailed performance analysis?
    3. How can I determine whether the general database performance can be optimized?
    4. How can I tell how much time a particular transaction spends on the database and on which activity?
    5. How can performance data be accessed by Oracle?
    6. How can Oracle performance data be accessed by R/3?
    7. Is the data from the Oracle V$ views always correct?
    8. In which time unit is performance data usually specified in Oracle and R/3?
    9. What general checks can be carried out in the event of Oracle performance problems?
    10. How do I proceed if I come across lengthy database accesses in SM50 or SM66?
    11. Where can I find an overview of known Oracle performance problems?
    12. Where can I find BW-specific information about database performance?
    13. What do I do if the database hangs completely?
    14. What is the reason for significant differences in runtime when identical database accesses are executed?
    15. What causes poor performance at INSERT statements?
    16. What causes poor performance at COMMIT statements?
    17. What does "Sequential Read" and "Direct Read" mean in SM50/SM66?
    18. How is Data Buffer Quality determined?
    19. How can I improve the performance of reorganizations, index creation, structure validation and similar tasks?
    20. How can I improve the performance of backup, restore and recovery?
    21. How can I monitor the progress of a long-running action?
    22. Where can I find more help about Oracle performance subjects?
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FAQ, frequently asked questions

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Key words : oracle performance database data time check buffer statistics table problems reads information transaction insert system analysis read values there than

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