Note 614940 - DataSources for the Enterprise Buyer and SRM Server

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :    , analyze partners, text   , attr   , bidding engine0bbp, partners extensively0bbp, partners extensively0bp, 1   , subtype text0bbp, attr0bbp buyid, buyid attr0bbp, attr0bbp orgunit, attr0prod categ, vendor evaluation, hier0bbp orgunit, orgunit attr0bbp, text0bbp taxcod, inptyp text0bbp, status text0bbp, origin text0bbp, text0bbp origin, orgunit text0bbp, enterprise buyer, categ hier0prod, hier0prod categ, text0bbp inptyp, acccat text0bbp, bpart buyid, text0bbp bidder, buyid text0bbp, bpvend attr0bbp, text0bbp status, text0bbp rejinv, bpcompany attr0bbp, text0bbp partner, rejcon text0bbp, attr0bbp bpvend, rejinv text0bbp, attr0bbp rejcon, categ attr0prod, group attr0bbp, attr0bbp bpart, attr0bbp purch, bidder attr , ebp0bbp acccat, hier   , contr 2 , engine0bbp bidtyp, text0bptype text0bp, product attr , 2   , plant attr0bbp, tarobj text0ws, contract management, bidding engine, text0com product, taxcod text0bbp, cards0bbp plant, engine0bbp bpart, attr0bbp bpplant, bpplant attr0bbp, bidtyp text , text0ws quest, event text0srm,   replaces, text0srm veguid, veguid attr0ws, attr0ws answer, buyer professional, locmap attr0bbp, attr0bbp bpcompany, contact0bbp partner, location0bbp partner, plant locmap, answer text0ws, text0ws kfigtyp, text0ws survey, survey text0ws, text0ws tarobj, tarobj attr0ws, status text0ws, text0ws status, kfigtyp text0ws, text0ws qstnnr, qstnnr text0ws, quest text0ws, attr0ws tarobj,