Note 588155 - MR21: Dump w/subsequent price change in material ledger

Version / Date 3 / 2007-02-15
Priority Correction with high priority
Category Program error
Primary Component CO-PC-ACT-PRU Price Changes
Secondary Components


You use the material ledger and want to post a subsequent price change (see note 555176) for materials with price determination control 3. The system generates the short dump MESSAGE_TYPE_X in program SAPLCKMC, include LCKMCF03, form BREAKRC.

Other terms

ACTPRICE, short dump, MR21, LTPC

Reason and Prerequisites

The short dump only occurs if the actual cost component split is not active.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words : dump short program price actprice terms prerequisites reason occurs mr21 ltpc actual implement attached corrections solution active cost component split

Affected Releases
Software Component Release From Release To Release And subsequent

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