Note 568227 - Account changes cause data inconsistencies

Version / Date 11 / 2006-02-17
Priority Correction with high priority
Category Program error
Primary Component SD-BIL-RR Revenue Recognition
Secondary Components SD-BIL-CA Account Assignment


In the revenue recognition, account changes in Customizing of the account determination always lead to data inconsistencies if revenues have already been recognized or billed for items relevant for revenue recognition of a sales and distribution document.

The following symptoms may occur in this context:

    1. If you change and then save an existing sales document, the system generates new control lines (VBREVK). The 'old' control lines remain in the table. If you recognize or bill revenues afterwards, postings to the incorrect clearing accounts are made.
    2. A billing document/credit memo relevant for revenue recognition finds other accounts than the sales document. A transfer to financial accounting is not possible.
    3. During the revenue recognition (VF44/VF46), the system uses the control lines with the 'new' clearing accounts. Postings to the incorrect accounts are made.
    4. If a cross-company-code process is involved, the system also determines new accounts at goods issue. The revenue lines to be generated (VBREVE) do not have their own control lines and thus cannot be recognized.
    5. If you start an analysis using Transaction VF47, the log displays the following error:

           E16 - Detail lines have determined balance on 'deferred revenues' and on 'non-billed requests'.

              This error is due to the 'new' clearing accounts.
Other terms

Standard revenue recognition, VA02, VA42, VL02N, VL09, VF01, VF02, VF04, account determination, deferred revenues, non-billed requests, buffering G/L accounts, SAKN1, SAKN2, RV_INVOICE_ACCOUNT_DETERM, SD_REV_REC_DETERM_UNBILLED_ACC, SD_REV_REC_BILLING, VBREVK, VBREVE, VBREVR, VF47, E16, cross-company, KONVFLAG, RR_REV, RR_CCDR, SD_GET_ACCOUNTS_FROM_KONV, SD_GET_ACCOUNTS_KONV_REFRESH

Reason and Prerequisites

The system performs an account determination for the corresponding conditions for each item relevant for revenue recognition. Regardless of the revenues recognized or billed, the accounts found are included in the corresponding document.

Since accounts in revenue recognition is key information, the system generates 'new' control lines and may assign values that have already been posted to these 'new' control lines. Future postings are made to the redetermined clearing accounts whereas the revenues posted in the past were posted to the 'old' accounts. The result are balances remaining on the affected clearing accounts.

Solution (SAP Service marketplace login required)

Key words :    , revenue recognition, clearing account, sales document, deferred revenues, clearing accounts, type   , cross company, control lines, account determination, billing company, billed requests, function module, param   , system always,   short, recognition category,   type , condition records, delivering company,   opt , class package,   include,   dflt , text   , dflt   , number   , opt   , lines vbrevk, preceding document, account deferred, items relevant, billing document, konvrev   , spec   , corresponding sales, function group, sales documents, internal table,   message, condition record, system determines,   function, account change, revenue account, corresponding condition, package vfeshort, goods issue, revenues missing, space   ,   space , revenue lines, redetermined clearing, always carries,   x , message number , x   , value  , documents revenue, char1   , billing documents,   char1 , sakn2 field, field   ,   revenue, financial accounting, salesdoc item , active condition, vbrevk   , salesdoc number , item   , debit memos, contract release, system generates, credit memos, accounts sakn1, corresponding control, found   , description   , vfeshort description , requests missing, 6aimport param , 5bimport param , account information, document items, function modules, revenues cross, revenue accounts,   value,   default , default   ,   xvbup , actual revenue,   account, short texts, texts apply, releasesparameter   , xvbup   ,

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